First Mondo Screening in KC: The Goonies

Finally! Mondo has come to Kansas City! For the unaware, Mondo is a fantastic little boutique poster store that specializes in rare, limited edition posters released with a screening of a cult classic or fantastic new films. They also sell apparel, VHS/Vinyl and other miscellaneous things. Basically a  movie-loving nerd’s dream come true. However, every time they put a new poster up for sale, the site essentially shuts down with all the orders coming through. Needless to say, we all felt very lucky to have first dibs on the special edition Goonies poster that would be available to us before anyone else.

So the night went off without a hitch. Justin Ishmael introduced the film and let us know that is actually grew up in Kansas City, which I didn’t know, and moved to Austin to be closer to the always amazing Alamo Drafthouse. Now that we have one in Kansas City, he thought it best to show The Goonies here and unveil the new poster when he just happened to be in town visiting friends. I guess there was one hitch. The original plan was to reveal the poster after the film but as he was setting up the show, someone accidentally showed us the poster before the film started. He took the accident well stating that, “Even Disneyland fucks up sometimes”. With a laugh from the crowd the film started.

It was really great seeing a classic such as this with big fans of the film. Most had taken advantage of the awesome food and drink specials during the film and everyone followed the No Talking, No Texting rules fabulously. Surprisingly, everyone in the house walked out of the theater and lined up for the $45 poster. I even got one myself. There were plenty left, however, for fans that didn’t make it to the showing of The Goonies. The ticket sales actually sold out in less than forty five minutes. So to those really looking to get their hands on the poster were in luck.

There were 320 posters printed in total and the rest will go on sale through Mondo soon. I suggest you follow Justin on Twitter: @MondoNews for the latest information about when they go on sale and how many minutes it takes before they are sold out.

by Angela Davis

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