Free Water At Lollapalooza!

Just a quick reminder for any of our readers who will be attending this year’s Lollapalooza festival in Chicago next weekend, there WILL be free water at all times of the day, for all three days. And given this summer’s endless heat-wave, this will be  huuuuge advantage. You can bring in your own reusable water container or purchase one at the event and just keep on refilling all day long.

So uhh, with that being said. Here are some facts that would probably be good to know:

–       Every attendee should consume eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day. That’s 64 ounces x three days for a grand total of 192 ounces

–       That means each concertgoer would need to purchase at least 12  single-use disposable plastic bottles

–       With an expected attendance of more than 270,000 over the three days, that means 3.2 million disposable water bottles could be purchased – if there were no CamelBak Filling Stations

–       Assuming a modest $5/bottle price tag, that represents a whopping $16.2 million savings if everyone brings a reusable water bottle and fills up courtesy of CamelBak

Just don’t be an idiot. Don’t be that dude who drinks more beer than water and ruins it for everyone around who you who now has to watch out for the dude about to pass out instead of singing along with At The Drive-In during “One Armed Scissor”.

Drink water! And drink it often. There’s no reason not to. Wilord Brimley would want you to.

By Richard Pepper

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