Gaming Under $20: F.E.A.R. 2

The sequel was reviewed? Alma is out for vengeance? Should I stop pointing out obvious things and tell you if this game is good or not?! Well, let’s cut right to it then! We’re getting freaky with F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin!

Now, when we left off with F.E.A.R, we had escaped the facility into the helicopter when Alma decided to “drop in”. After the credits roll, you got a cute little snippet leading us to believe that this was only part one of horrible things to come. Insinuating that it was just the beginning. Oh, how we were right, my fellow readers.

Instead of playing as the “Point Man”, this game’s protagonist is Michael Becket. He’s a Delta Force operator, whose squad is sent in to take Genevieve Aristide into protective custody approximately thirty minutes before the ending of F.E.A.R  The gameplay doesn’t change to drastically from the first game, though the few slight changes really make a difference. The new features include: the ability to A.D.S (Aim Down Sight), to knock over objects to use as cover, and sprinting to get away from danger. You still get your reflex meter, which lets you enter “Ultimate Bad-Ass Mode” and take out enemies with precision shots.

Another recent addition to this game was Mech Suits. These are big machines that let you spray death anywhere you so choose. This break up from the gameplay brings a new pace to it all. Instead of having to be in fear of beating the machines and scared to walk around a corner, you get a taste of the nothing-can-stop-you-gung-ho-kill-em-all-I-can’t-be-stopped attitude. Which is a pleasant surprise in this type of game.

Now, the reason we bother to play these types of games is for the psychological horror. F.E.A.R delivers some creepy moments that can’t be forgotten, but F.E.A.R 2…Well, let’s just say there is no disappointment. Alma is scarier than ever, causing hallucinations throughout the entire game and attempting to devour your own psychic abilities…Did I forget to mention that? You and your team have psychic abilities inside you, waiting to be released. Unfortunately, Alma learns of this once you get tricked into letting someone tinker with your mind, setting your psychic frequency with hers. It sounds as bad as you might think.

Now, along with the Psycho-Bitch running after you and trying to eat your soul, you have the ATC squads of replica soldiers trying to clean up the previous mess left behind from your squad at every turn. The ATC includes Colonel Vanek, the typical hardcore soldier with the, “Kill Or Kill It More” attitude. What could be better? Oh, you just had to ask, didn’t you? Well,  how about a research facility full of half human-half crackhead creatures that act like something from Resident Evil?! They are walking on walls, jumping around and trying to kill you. Just peachy, right?

Still need more creepy? How about a children’s school filled with little tidbits of information that make you question the true intentions behind this whole project? Training kids to be psychics, using them as test subjects for better or worse results? The shock factor draws you, the player, in with a mindset of, “This is wrong and I have to stop this from happening”. You can find this all out throughout the game from little “Intel” locations. They are worth looking for and reading, not to mention that they might be worth your time in the achievement world as well.

F.E.A.R. 2, released in 2009, has fantastic graphics for your eyes to enjoy. Even better lighting and shadows are added to the blood stains and  rifles. It’s no longer a gritty, gruesome shooter, we’ve moved on to smooth looking actions with gory consequences, if done wrong. This really helped bring in the F.E.A.R effect in this game. With constant hallucinations and attacks from Alma, you can bet the edge of your seat will be in use. The bar was risen by the many moments of panic and fright wherever you decided to travel. I’ll be honest with you, I screamed like a little girl at one point. I’m talking about letting out a high pitched scream, throwing the controller, and falling out of my chair. I enjoyed every moment of it, too.

Onto the important aspects that need to mentioned with this game. Achievements…Oh, the blessed achievements I missed so dearly in the first. Now, they are abundant and easy to get. Each mission beaten is a solid 15G, with others bouncing around the 20-30G range. There are a lot to be had in multiplayer, though. Luckily, there is a fan-base out there to let you get some of those. The downfall is that the fan-base are the only ones playing and completely wipe the floor with you online, so be prepared to lose a lot.

Lets wrap this review up so you can be on your merry ways shall we? This sequel doesn’t let you down in any way. The graphics have improved, the functionality of the gameplay increased tremendously. The new weapons and Mech Suits are a breath of fresh air to us all. They give us sniper rifles that make you feel like the hand of God, Or machines that let you be God yourself, perhaps. Let’s be honest though, the story is what makes this game worth playing, up until the last horrifying moment between you and your newly acquired lover…wait, what? Just trust me here. The last achievement you get before its over is called, “Climax”  and it throws you way off course. So please go rent or buy this game to play its wondrous and horrible style of awesome.

I give F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin a “Worth It”!

By Luke Wyatt


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