Lollapalooza 2012: Who We Think You Should See!

Lollapalooza 2012 is nearly a week away! That means 100,000 people will once again pack Chicago’s Grant Park for three days of music and with this summer’s weather, a possible heat stroke. Buh. But regardless! Will you be going? Are you not quite sure of who to see within this massive 200+ band lineup? Well, you’re in luck dudes!! Lost In Reviews is here to help! Ryan, Angela, and I will be in attendance this year, and these are our personal picks for who you SHOULD be watching:

The Black Angels  2:15 pm – Bud Light Stage
Nothing like a good dose of dark psychedelic 60’s throwback jams to start your day off.

Metric  4:00 pm – Bud Light Stage
I saw them at Lolla in 2010 and they were one of the best sets of the whole weekend.
Tons of energy, plus Emily Haines is such a fun front-woman. Look out for plenty of tracks off of their new album Synthetica, one of the best albums of the year so far, in my opinion!

Passion Pit  6:00 pm – Bud Light Stage
The recent surroundings of Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelekos’ mental state, and the tour cancellations and such aside, the band’s set should still be fun and crammed full of 8-Bitty dance jams. A perfect lead into:

M83  7:30 pm – Sony Stage
We all saw M83 back in May at The Granada in Lawrence, KS and were absolutely blown away. The intensity and  epicness of the set, paired with the incredible songs, made me feel like Anthony Gonzalez could easily become the next Trent Reznor. But, while we saw the band play to a couple hundred people in a small club, here we’ll get to witness the band perform to several thousand attendees. I’ll say this, regardless of all the EDM acts at the festival, M83 could possibly be the biggest dance party all weekend.

Black Sabbath vs. The Black Keys
8:00 pm – Bud Light Stage  vs.  8:30 pm – Red Bull Stage
Alright, well, Angela loves The Black Keys and would very much urge you to choose them. I, on the other hand, am not a Black Keys fan. So I say you should see Black Sabbath. After all, it’s the original lineup, as close as you’ll ever get, anyway. Just to be able to say “Yeah I saw one of the final Black Sabbath performances” should be a pretty big deal. But if Ozzy isn’t your cup of tea, by all means I’m sure The Black Keys will give you one hell of a rock n’ roll show down on the Red Bull stage!

Bear In Heaven  1:30 pm – Sony Stage
If you’ve been reading Lost In Reviews for a while now, then you know that we love Bear In Heaven. A lot. So it’s very exciting to see these dudes not only performing at Lollapalooza, but performing on one of the main stages as well.

Neon Indian  3:00 pm – Sony Stage
What started off as essentially a lo-fi chill wave project from Alan Palomo has now blossomed into a full on live electronic band. I caught a glimpse of them earlier this year at Kansas City’s Middle Of The Map festival and was pleasantly surprised. This should be yet again another fun little dance party for you not to miss.

Washed Out  6:00 pm – Google Play Stage
Another lo-fi chill wave project. This one might be a bit more familiar to you if you’re a fan of the IFC show Portlandia, as Washed Out provide the awesomely chilled out opening theme song. Ernest Greene, the mastermind behind Washed Out, has also put together a full live band to help translate the project live, and I’ve heard that it completely breathes new life and character into the tracks, so I’m pretty excited to see this.

Franz Ferdinand  6:15 pm – Bud Light Stage
 I don’t know too much about Franz Ferdinand other than that one “Take Me Out” song and that they did an awesome LCD Soundsystem cover once, but Angela loves these dudes. So if she says they’re good, they must be good! If you’re not digging the chill wave vibes of Neon Indian and Washed Out, head on over to see Franz give you, what I’m assuming will be quite an energetic pick me up!

Bloc Party  7:00 pm – Sony Stage
Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm was an album that I listened to a A LOT in high school. I never did get to see them live, though. Nor was I as blown away by the band’s next two albums, although I did appreciate their electronic dabbling. Eventually they went on an indefinite hiatus that lasted a few years, and even stirred up a bit of drama between band members. All is well now, though, and they’ve returned with a sound much more reminiscent of Silent Alarm. I’m excited just to get to finally see them and hopefully relive my high school days by yelling out “So fucking useless!” with Kele at the top of my lungs during “Positive Tension”.

Poliça  1:30 pm – Sony Stage
This band has been impressing me quite a bit this year with their indie-electro-R&B vibes. I’ve described them before as what Bon Iver would sound like with a female singer and a little bit more soul. How can you turn that down?

Sigur Rós  4:00 pm – Red Bull Stage
While I think it’s a bit disappointing that Sigur Rós gets put on in the middle of the afternoon, rather than at dusk where their music belongs, it’s still an incredible exciting thing that they’re even at Lolla in the first place. While their new album is the most ambient album they’ve released yet, it’s hard to imagine them playing anything off of it, outside of one track, in a festival atmosphere. So what we’ll most likely get is a solid hour’s worth of the best of the best Sigur Rós tracks.

At The Drive-In  6:00 pm – Red Bull Stage
Quite possibly my most anticipated performance of the entire weekend. I never thought we’d ever get an ATDI reunion, with the animosity the members all had towards each other, and with how much Cedric and Omar are into their Mars Volta project nowadays. But alas it has happened, and it will be glorious. The band’s final album Relationship Of Command is one of the best and most influential rock albums of my generation, I think.  Much like the Black Sabbath reunion, this is also a performance that must be seen just simply to be satisfied that you likely saw the only time ATDI will ever reunite. Spend all Sunday warming your vocal chords up in preparation of yelling “Freight train coming! Freight, freight train coming!”.

The Big Pink  7:15 pm – Google Play Stage
If you don’t feel like staying in the same spot all day down on the south field, The Big Pink would be a great little break for you. This band’s new album Future This is a fun album packed full of sing-along dance anthems, which was a little bit more upbeat than their first album which was full of loud guitars and touches of industrial, slightly resembling Nine Inch Nails at times. No matter which sound you prefer, these dudes put on a great show, and is worth the trip simply just to see the crowd go apeshit during the band’s biggest single “Dominos”.

Jack White  8:15 – Red Bull Stage
Undoubtedly, at least in my opinion, the best headliner of the entire weekend. I am an enormous Jack White fan, and have loved all four of his projects to date.  This performance should be really great, as he’ll be performing material from those four projects, including his new solo album, and will be performing them with two separate bands. The first half of his shows are performed with an all female backing band, and the second half with an all male backing band. And to top that off, the set is performed the same way as The White Stripes shows were performed, without a traditional setlist. Jack will literally call the songs out as they pop into his head, to give the set a feel of pure spontaneity. Jack White is this generation’s defining guitarist, in my opinion, so this set is not to be missed, whatsoever.

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With those suggestions, you’re bound to have a fantastic weekend. But of course, if you can’t make it to this year’s Lollapalooza, the festival itself has your back, as they’ll be webcasting the whole weekend. Just head over to to see the full schedule!

By Richard Pepper

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