Mondo to release 24 Hour Olly Moss The Dark Knight Rises poster!

Yes, you read that correctly! THE Mondo who releases those beautiful fan-posters for films, which are also notorious for being extremely difficult to obtain, will hold an open window for 24 hours starting this Wednesday at midnight for that sweet ass The Dark Knight Rises poster that you see above this! That means that there are no sell outs, no server crashes (at least, hopefully not), and no losing your place in line. Just head to and place your order between the 24 hour window, and you are GUARANTEED the poster.

Artist: Olly Moss
Size: 16×24 (regular), 24×36 (variant)
Edition: TBD (regular), 180 (variant)
Price: $40 (regular), $100 (variant)

Head to for any info, and to order!

BRB, trying to find some wall space.

By Richard Pepper

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