‘Outlander’ Close to Becoming a TV Series? (No, Really. Maybe This Time)

I am a fan of author Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.  It is a series of books, very long books, that are completely engrossing.  Unlike the trend recently to adapt young adult book series, Outlander is for adults and is a combination of historical fiction and romance.  Another thing that sets it apart is that all the books are really well-written and well researched to the minute detail.  I would highly recommend them.  So far, it is an untapped fan base that is craving for some kind of adaptation.  If a company would realize how many people love this book and the series, it would already be in production.

News came today that Sony Pictures TV has almost obtained the rights to Outlander.  Essential Entertainment previously held the rights to the book, and Anne Peacock had already written a script for a film version.  There was talk that it would be adapted into a miniseries.  Obviously, nothing ever happened past that.  It is unclear whether the rights expired or they were transferred/sold to Sony.

Ron Moore (Battlestar Galactica) is on board to adapt the novel into a script for Sony.  Story Mining and Supply Co is set to produce the adaptation, and the project will be taken to cable  networks this week.  Moore has an impressive science fiction background, so I don’t know how that will translate to adapting Outlander.  It is most definitely not a science fiction book, other than the time travel element.  I hope you are ready, Mr. Moore, to tackle such a great book with a devoted fan base.  They will not be happy if you screw this up.

The deal only mentions Outlander, so it does not seem like the other six books are included in it.

I must mention again that Diana Gabaldon does not want to actively participate in the making of any sort of adaptation.  I have an immense amount of respect for her.  She is antithesis of Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer, both because of Meyer’s involvement in the films and the lesser writing quality and style.  Here is what Diana Gabaldon said about the news today on her Facebook Page:

I have said before that I would prefer a series to a film due to the largess of the books.  Although, if no medium can do it proper justice, I would like it to just live on in my head.

Please read the other two articles (here and here) I wrote on the Outlander film news over the past two years.  It seems like once a year something new pops up about a possible adaptation, but nothing has come to fruition yet.

Book Synopsis:

“Absorbing and heartwarming, this first novel lavishly evokes the land and lore of Scotland, quickening both with realistic characters and a feisty, likable heroine. English nurse Claire Beauchamp Randall and husband Frank take a second honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands in 1945. When Claire walks through a cleft stone in an ancient henge, she’s somehow transported to 1743. She encounters Frank’s evil ancestor, British captain Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall, and is adopted by another clan. Claire nurses young soldier James Fraser, a gallant, merry redhead, and the two begin a romance, seeing each other through many perilous, swashbuckling adventures involving Black Jack. Scenes of the Highlanders’ daily life blend poignant emotions with Scottish wit and humor. Eventually Sassenach (outlander) Claire finds a chance to return to 1945, and must choose between distant memories of Frnak and her happy, uncomplicated existence with Jamie. Claire’s resourcefulness and intelligent sensitivity make the love-conquers-all, happily-ever-after ending seem a just reward.”

Source: Deadline, Cinema Blend

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