Review: Sleigh Bells get LOUD at KC’s Beaumont Club

Congratulations, Sleigh Bells. You’ve earned my coveted award for “Loudest Show I’ve Ever Been To”, beating out the likes of Mastodon, Deftones, The Life & Times, and hell, even Boris. Shit was LOUD. Not one person who attended thursday night’s show at The Beaumont Club cared, though. The louder the guitars, the deeper the bass, the more apeshit the crowd went. The Beaumont was only at about half capacity for the show, but it didn’t really matter. It was definitely more of a half full than a half empty type of show.

Walking into this, I was that dude who knew about Sleigh Bells because guitarist Derek Miller used to be in the now defunct hardcore band Poison The Well. Their 2003 album, You Come Before You (which, fun fact, was the last album Derek was a member of Poison The Well for) was a huge album for me in high school. And in certain ways, it still is. So when I heard that Derek had formed a noise-pop group a few years ago, I was certainly intrigued. I wasn’t completely sold on Sleigh Bells until their new album Reign Of Terror was released earlier this year, though. I enjoyed their first album, but it didn’t leave a very lasting impression on me. Reign Of Terror felt like such a huge improvement. I felt like you could really tell that they didn’t want to make the same album twice in a row, and were trying to expand their pallet, which I always appreciate.

The band’s setlist leaned much heavier on the bands first album, though. Which, I don’t know, it makes sense. Most of the tracks of Reign Of Terror aren’t as abrasive and party atmosphered as everything off of Treats. I will say this, hearing all the stuff off of that album made me appreciate it a hell of a lot more now. It’s one thing to hear that album in your car or blasting through your headphones by yourself, but hearing it live really does it justice. It feels much more like the party that it’s intended to be, by actually seeing a couple hundred kids losing their shit to these songs.

And that’s what people were doing all night long. It was already a fairly diverse crowd, lots of teeny boppers, bros, metalheads, and smelly Westport hipsters, but the crowd unanimously pumped their fists, shouted along, crowd surfed, and… booty grinded (?) all night long.

For the final song of the band’s main set, Alexis performed Rill Rill (the big booty grinder)
all by her lonesome on stage, before climbing on the barricade and letting herself be swept away by the crowd. After returning for a three song encore, Sleigh Bells ended the show with a blistering performance of A/B Machines. At this point in the show the entire venue was going fucking H.A.M. Girls from the crowd were invited up on stage by Alexis who then proceeded to dance her ass of with them. All the while nearly every person on the floor was steady bouncing up and down for the entire song. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was intoxicatingly fun. And loud. So fucking loud.In the end I got to witness a loud ass party, learned to appreciate an album that I had an itial lukewarm response for, and FINALLY got to see Derek Miller in person, let alone getting to meet him after the show, and expressing to him how much I loved You Come Before You.Bonus Points! Ka-Ching!
Crown On The Ground
True Shred Guitar
End Of The Line
Born To Lose
Comeback Kid
Straight A’s
Leader Of The Pack
Tell Em
Infinity Guitars
Rill Rill
Never Say Die
Riot Rhythm
A/B Machines
By: Richard Pepper
Photos by: Richard Pepper

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