The Last Twilight Comic Con Panel

Either you are shouting from the rooftops that you don’t have to see those Twihards next year at San Diego Comic Con, or you are one of those Twihards that is sad that it was the last one.  Regardless, the panel and the events surrounding The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 this year were pretty much on par with those of the past.  The panel got a clip plus the first seven minutes of the film.  Also, every single member of the five new vampire covens came out on stage afterwards.  Author Stephenie Meyer was also in attendance.  Director Bill Condon was not because he is currently assisting with the score of the film in London.  Prior to the panel on Thursday, the stars surprised all those who were camped out in line for Hall H Wednesday night.  They signed autographs and took pictures with all those in attendance.  Afterwards, Summit/Lionsgate held a little afterparty.

Below are two different videos about the Breaking Dawn Comic Con experience including interviews with the cast.  Unlike last year, the studio did not release any video of the actual panel.  I (Sarah) only wish I was there.  Bummer (for me).

by Sarah Ksiazek

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