Best of Lollapalooza: Anamanaguchi

Lollapalooza kicked into full gear yesterday and while most will be talking about the brilliant performances by M83, The Black Angels, and Bassnectar; for me it was a little band from New York that that still has me smiling. Anamanaguchi is just as strange as their name, that band has put a twist on their fast paces noise and that twist is 8-bit.

Nerds everywhere should rejoice, because the band that represents the gamer generation is here and they have the talent to back up the title. Yesterday at Lolla the four piece ripped into an energetic crowd gaining the only mosh pit of the day. This kind of reception is always impressive in an August heat wave, but had no effect on Peter Berkman, as he jumped from one song to another with just enough time to explain the premise. Stating that they had only had 2 hours of sleep, the band must have been fueled on coffee to a degree unknown by man, as their energy level was through the roof. Berkman would later joke that the band’s after show would be powered by Four Loko as he ripped into the band’s next Chip-Punk masterpiece.

For most their day will be filled with platinum headliners and Pitchfork up-and-comers, but for me it doesn’t get better than Anamanaguchi! While I could go on for days about the sound of this NES wonder, and how it expands upon the artful sounds of Sonic The Hedgehog, Final Fantasy and The Super Mario Bros, that would be selling it short so I leave you with the music video for Black Out City and I urge you to do what you can to see this band live!

By Ryan Davis

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