Lollapalooza Day 2: Heatapalooza to Mudapalooza

While yesterday could have been filled with nothing but doom and gloom, the crew behind Lollapalooza still pulled off one hell of a show. While most of the bands that played had no problem putting on career making performances, it wasn’t the music that stole the show Saturday, it was the rain.

While watching Neon Indian pump a crowd full of new wave excitement, it was hard not to notice that Lollapalooza was becoming a bit sterile. Gone were the sounds of ever flowing bass from Perry’s, and a state of panic began to seep into the eyes of Lolla workers. This was because Lollapalooza had come down with a strong case of rain, and rather than become the next stage collapse, the production team behind Lolla decided to turn the streets of Chicago into a war zone.

While the chaos was at times maddening, I couldn’t be more pleased with the way that Lollapalooza handled the situation. Roads were shut down, McDonalds were filling up, but most importantly no one was hurt. Even filled with disappointment by the fact that I wouldn’t see Chairlift, I couldn’t help the awestruck feeling of seeing a 100,000 people exit a venue calmly. Rather than rioting, the patrons of Lollapalooza just waited for the news of reopening via social media.

If you have ever doubted the power of a tweet, then you may want to rethink your ideas on social media. Because with one stroke of a keyboard and a few hours wait, the show was back on and no one was left wondering when to come back in. New schedules in hand, the patrons of Lollapalooza were back, and beginning to forget that they ever left. Hordes of concert goers rushed to see their favorite bands, or get a great spot of the night’s headliners. No matter who you had come to see, there was no doubt that excitement had been cranked to eleven, as the gift of Lollapalooza returned.

It was shocking to me to think that only moments ago I was watching a mind-blowing show by Bear in Heaven, laying wait in a friend’s hotel, only to be back on track to catch Franz Ferdinand. It was as if the evacuation had never happened and all was forgotten. The only reminder of the rain lay in the mud-soaked splashes as a crowd began to jump. It was as if the rain had plugged a new energy source into an already eager crowd.

While most would only end up seeing a few bands on Saturday, I can bet the few that they did see will remain that much sweeter when remembered. The dude bros will never forget that rush of energy that came over them as they watched the bright lights sweep over AVICII, groove fans won’t soon forget the first notes flowing from Flea’s guitar, and I for one will never forget the fun I had on the second day of Lollapalooza.

By Ryan Davis

Crowd Photo By Richard Pepper

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