Movie Review: Klown

Never have I seen two idiots get into more trouble than these guys. Believe me when I say that watching this film makes The Hangover feel like a Hannah Montana movie. Klown is the Danish film about a guy named Frank. He finds out his girlfriend is pregnant but she’s not sure he’s man enough to shoulder the responsibility of fatherhood. So what does he do to prove that? He kidnaps his 13-year-old nephew and takes him on a canoe trip to prove that he can be fun and responsible. What he doesn’t seem to grasp is that this “canoe trip” was just a cover up for his friend Casper’s intentions on getting as much sex as possible while away from the wife. He has even dubbed the trip “Tour de Pussy”.

As you can imagine, this is a raunchy, hilarious trip that also manages to show a bonding between Frank and the boy, Bo. I knew this wasn’t any normal kind of film from one of the first scenes. He reaches out to a group of guys for advice on how to show love to his girlfriend. They all go into way too much detail about how to give her a pearl necklace, and I’m not talking about the kind you pick up at Tiffany’s. The camera work is much like what we’re used to with The Office. Shaky, hand-held camera that seems to make us feel like a fly on the wall in this uncomfortably, awkward situation. The humor is far more advanced than any I’ve seen in American cinema, in that most American audiences are not ready for this kind of candid comedy. It’s on par with what Larry David does only more disgusting. I felt myself constantly shaking my head in disbelief as to what I was seeing and also in hopes of deterring the actors off their stupid paths.

Not to give too much away from the plot, for the shock value is a fun part of this film, but there is man-flirting, prostitution, drunk teenagers, child pornography, fornication with strangers, fights, hostage situations, possible rape, drug use and yes, a canoe trip. Although, surprisingly, the film still has heart. There is an obvious bond between Frank and the boy Bo. There is also a good sense of camaraderie between Frank and Casper, even though Casper is a dick at times. The coup de grâce of Klown comes in its final moments where much like The Hangover, the dreaded forgotten photos emerge. It is probably the most embarrassing part of the film for the characters on screen as well as the viewer. Having seen this as a pre-screener, I ‘m eager to see the reaction of a theater crowd to this film. I feel it could go one of two ways. One, the crowd will all take part in an uproarious laughter and the scenes will live on with the theater patrons long after the final reel, or two, the film will mostly disgust and outrage the American cinema goer and people will be asking for their money back.

That’s why I suggest you watch the trailer first and be fully aware of the plot before taking the plunge in this raunchy, male-bonding comedy. Critics are calling it the funniest film of the year so far. I wouldn’t venture so far as to say that, but I certainly did get a kick out of it. I would definitely recommend watching this in a group of friends, possibly with drinks all around. The moments will be savored much better in unison. Having said all that, I’m eager to see the film again.

I give Klown 3.5 “Underbergs” out of 5

by Angela Davis

Klown opens on August 3rd in Kansas City at Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet.

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