Blu Monday: Way Too Many to Mention!

Okay, are you prepared to watch me speed talk your faces off for almost twenty minutes? Well that’s what’s going to happen! Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way lately and the DVDs and Blu-rays started piling up. So what better way to get caught up than practically throwing the movies at the screen while reviewing them for your viewing pleasure? All of these movies and television shows are already available for rent or purchase. The TV shows reviewed are: HBO’s Bored to Death, third season; ABC’s Castle, fourth season; HBO’s How to Make it in America, second season; ABC’s Desperate Housewives, eighth and final season; HBO’s Hung, third season; ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, eighth season; ABC’s Once Upon a Time, first season; ABC’s Army Wives, season six, part one; ABC’s Body of Proof, second season; and ABC’s Private Practice, fifth season.

The movies I reviewed this week are as follows: Stallone’s 3-Film Collector’s Set with Rambo First Blood, Copland and Lock Up; Safe starring Jason Statham; Salvation Boulevard starring Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear; Damsels in Distress starring Greta Gerwig; Girl in Progress starring Eva Mendes; Criterion’s Eating Raoul starring, written and directed by Paul Bartel; The Babymakers starring Olivia Munn and Paul Schneider; Hysteria starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy; and Where Do We Go Now?, a foreign film from Sony Pictures Classics.

Watch all of my madness in the video below and let me know 1. if any of these look good enough to watch and 2. if I look like I’m losing my mind yet.

by Angela Davis

About Angela

Angela is the Editor-in-Chief of Lost in Reviews. She and Ryan created Lost in Reviews together in 2009 out of a mutual hatred for all the stodgy old farts currently writing film reviews. Since launching the site, Angela has enjoyed reviewing indie films over all other films, picking up new music from all corners of the world and photographing live shows. She is the co-host of Blu Monday and a member of the Kansas City Film Critic Circle.

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