Frankenweenie 360º Set Tours

I’ll be honest, I’m actually really excited for Frankenweenie. Tim Burton hasn’t made a good movie since Ed Wood, in my opinion, and has fallen into a lazy groove of poorly remaking films and just making them look “Burton-esque”. The stuff the dude was doing in the 80’s and early 90’s was phenomenal. They were dark, funny, and original. So naturally, I’m full of hope that Frankenweenie will be his much awaited return to form.

While waiting for this hopefully awesome stop-motion flick to hit the big screen, you can partake in two (a third seems to be on it’s way) cool little set tours that you can navigate through and listen to crew members talk about the film and stuff. It’s actually pretty cool and worth the 10 or so minutes.

Can’t really embed these, so here’s the link!

Frankenweenie Trailer:

By Richard Pepper

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