The Joy Formidable debut “Cholla” music video

Remember this band name, dudes. The Joy Formidable. If you’re not already familiar with their amazing (and my personal favorite of 2011) debut album, The Big Roar, then you most likely will end up being familiar with this group within the next year. I have a feeling that this trio are going to explode. And rightfully so. They’re fucking amazing. They make a giant wall of noise with just the three people, including the cutest little lead singer you’ve ever seen thrash around on stage. Seriously. YouTube of video of them playing “Whirring”. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Their second album, titled Wolf’s Law,¬†will be released in January of 2013, so there’s still a bit of a wait. But we’ve got the first single here and I really love it. Slightly reminds me of Muse at times, back when Muse still made good music and not shitty Electro-R&B/Queen mashups. Very excited to see how this band handles the dreaded “sophomore slump”. I’m faithful that they’ll do just fine.

By Richard Pepper

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