Win A Copy of Titanic on Blu-Ray! *CLOSED*

The wait is finally over! Titanic has finally been released on Blu-Ray! The film, given the new 5K restoration for the 3D transfer, is absolutely stunning looking. Seriously, dudes. This is one of, if not THE best looking Blu-Ray’s I’ve ever seen. As you may recall from my REVIEW for the 3D Theatrical release, I don’t think this film can ever look any better than it does in this current release. Also, if you’re watching the 2D version, you don’t have to switch discs halfway through the flick. I know you guys remember how stupid annoying that was!

If you previously owned the Special Edition DVD, you’ll be happy to know that all special features from that set have been ported over, and the best part? The SIXTY MINUTES (!!!) worth of deleted scenes have all been give the 5K hi-def treatment too! Not to mention two brand new documentaries. The first being a really neat hour long retrospective doc, showcasing the making of the film all the way through the hype phase, ending at the 3D World Premiere. It’s informative with tons of new interviews and behind the scenes footage. But, the real Le Cœur de la Mer of the set is a 90 minute documentary that features James Cameron and other titanic historians and naval experts reevaluate the Titanic wreckage site using brand new modern forensic analysis. It’s incredibly fascinating and in depth. You even get to see the rare occasion where James Cameron admits “Wow. I actually got it wrong.”

But to cut to the good stuff, today you’re Jack Dawson sittin’ in a pub playing cards, and I’m a dude with a copy of Titanic on Blu-ray. Wanna win a lucky hand, and take ol’ boy Sven’s seat on the couch watching this fantastic flick? Here’s all you gotta do. The picture below is me. HI GUYS! What I want you to do is this:

“I want you to draw me like one of your french girls”

Yes! Draw me in a sexy Kate Winslet portrait. Best one get’s the Titanic Blu-Ray, and I’ll tweet it out to the masses! It’ll also probably be my new Facebook profile page too, so yeah! GO GO GO!!

*NOTE: This giveaway is for the 2D Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack

Starting December 2, 2009 : PLEASE ONLY ONE ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD/EMAIL. MULTIPLES WILL DISQUALIFY YOU. Multiple entries makes the random drawing unfair for others.giveaway rules and regulations





Thanks to everyone who sent stuff in! It was fun, and really odd seeing myself drawn with boobs. So without any further ado, here are the top 3 submissions!


Miguel Herndandez

And then these two, I also really loved. Firstly, the Ewok has a big Dirk Diggler. Good god!

Josh Dusel

And then lastly, you can’t reference a Kevin Smith flick AND Community and then not get recognition. Bravo, you guys. BRAVO!

Stephanie Bertone

Once again, thanks so much dudes!


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