The Alamo Drafthouse DFW Breaks Ground . . . Soon

The Alamo Drafthouse is breaking ground on their new theatre in DFW.  They have finished tearing down the previous building and are ready to bring a whole new movie-going experience to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  All are welcome to attend.  See below for what to expect at this oh-so-not-ordinary groundbreaking ceremony.

“In true Alamo Drafthouse style, this won’t be your grandfather’s groundbreaking. As Bill says: “‘Groundbreaking” sounds like it should be such an awesome time.  Of this 14-letter phrase, 8 letters make up the word BREAKING.  That’s almost 60% of the phrase! Therefore, why are people always digging at these ceremonies?  There’s always a shovel in everyone’s hand.  At Alamo Richardson’s groundbreaking, we may have shovels, but then again, maybe we won’t….”

When:  Tuesday, October 23, 2012 10:00 a.m

Where:The future Alamo Drafthouse Richardson
100 S Central Expwy #14
Richardson TX 75080
(SW corner of Beltline and 75 in the Richardson Heights Shopping Center)

In attendance:
Bill DiGaetano – Chief Operations Officer, Alamo DFW
Others TBD:
Richardson City Council members
Dallas film community leaders
Source: Alamo Drafthouse DFW, Lost in Reviews
by Sarah Ksiazek

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