Dallas Comic Con’s Fan Days – Day 3 by Jason Burleson

On the last and final day, it was hard to believe the weekend was over. I had seen so much and there had been so much anticipation over the last few months.  Fortunately, there still remained lots of things to see and lots of people to listen to.  It was going to be a good day.  On the last day, I decided not to dress up.  Don’t get me wrong, I love getting my picture taken with all kinds of people and that’s exactly what I did the first two days.  You feel like a celebrity at any con when you dress up.  However, when you are toting around a bag of guns or a zombie on a catchpole, your hands are filled and today was my day to buy stuff and take pictures!

And take pictures, I did. Easilly, over 600! While Saturday still seems like the day to go if you are going to choose just one, but Sunday was easily the close second.  Several panels, lots of celebrities, and lots of eager costume goers to make you feel like part of the comics you were there to scope out.  Like I stated before, the third and final day is the day you get most of your deals.  I was able to get an awesome Marvel girl comic for 35 dollars which normally retailed for about 60, just to give you an idea.  Also, a lot of the 1-2 dollar comics will go for about 50 cents just so they won’t have to carry the massive boxes out to their cars once again.  Works for me! I bought about 10 just for the cover art.  I have to say once again that the artist booths are also one of my favorites to check out as they continue to put new stuff out all weekend.  Even the celebrities want to get out and see everything! I was walking around on the 3rd floor and ran in to Casper van Dien, who stopped for a pic and wanted to check out some of the costumes.

While I had a great time at Fan Days, I can only dream of how things will continue to change in Dallas for later comic con attendees. The events only continue to improve, get bigger, and get better.  I do have a few things they could change to make this even a hundred percent in my opinion.  First, change the food. Why does it always have to be not so cheap hot dogs and nachos? Second, post better maps. While I received a small handheld map, the last thing I need is to juggle another piece of paper when I’m posing with Pikachu.  Large maps complete with Floor diagrams and key points of interest and times would have been greatly appreciated because there were several things even I missed and I tried to do everything.  I’ll keep this list short but lastly, one key thing that the last two cons I’ve been to in Dallas have missed are Publisher booths.  There were no Marvel, DC, or even Dark Horse booths to get people interested in comics.  These are the events where people are going to be the most interested and in a shrinking market, you have to get your merchandise advertised.  I would surely like to see some of the more recent ideas coming out of those companies as well as things to look forward to seeing soon.

All in all, it was a great weekend and I had a great time.  I met lots of great fantasy celebrities as well as just all around good people checking out the same things I wanted to see.  It’s always good to be around good people.  I’d like to close out this review with a simple interview of a Comic Con virgin who attended Fan Days this year.  Even more so, I’d like you to attend next year and make your own interpretation of the events. Maybe you’ll see something you’ve never imagined seeing.  You might even see something you wish you hadn’t.

1.       What is your name and where are you from?

Anissa Camp, Arlington

2.       Is this your first Comic Con and what made you come this year?

Yes, it’s my first Comic Con. I decided to go because my friends who have gone in the past really had a good time, and I had a good idea for a zombie costume that I wanted to try out. I was also really excited about getting to meet two stars from the TV show The Walking Dead, but they both ended up canceling, so that was a disappointment.

3.       Did you dress up? If so, what as?

I dressed up as a zombie on a catch pole and went with a friend who dressed up as Rick Grimes, the sheriff from The Walking Dead.

4.       If you had a superpower of any kind what would it be and why?

I would like to be able to fly. It’s expensive to travel and I would love to be able to go all over the world under my own power.  Also my knees are pretty bad so if I could fly then I wouldn’t fall so much.

5.       What part of Fan Days were you looking forward to the most and why?

I was most looking forward to meeting The Walking Dead cast members, but that didn’t happen.

6.       What was your favorite part of Fan Days once you were there?

My favorite part of Fan Days was a combination of getting to see all the awesome costumes on everyone and also getting to see the panel talks, even though I didn’t attend very many.

7.       Were you excited to meet anyone?

The only two celebrities I wanted to meet were the cast members from The Walking Dead, Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan, but they both canceled.

8.       Was there anything about Fan Days you thought didn’t work well or could be improved?

As far as I could tell the event went pretty smooth, the only thing I might suggest to organizers is to maybe have a large board somewhere that had all the panel times on it and updated regularly or announce them before they start because I didn’t want to have to search my program for those times.

9.       Did you buy anything? Food, comics, toys, t-shirts, autographs… and how was your experience?

I bought a sticker, a toy, a couple of posters and food and my experience was good each time, no issues, although things could be cheaper, but hey, everyone’s gotta make a buck.

10.   What did you think of the staff of Fan Days?

The staff were all very helpful and nice. They were also very visible in those orange shirts.

11. Who was your favorite costume?

Wow, there were so many good costumes! I guess my favorites were the full metal Iron Man, the Captain Jack Sparrow that got second in the costume contest, and I really thought the kid Jawa was cool looking. Also, of course, the other Walking Dead costume that I saw, which was a girl dressed as Andrea with a cardboard RV around her like she was on top of it was really cool!

11.   What is your favorite comic, TV show, or movie?

I don’t have a favorite comic, don’t really read any yet. My current favorite TV show is The Walking Dead and movies are tough, but my current favorite I think is The Avengers. Although, my all-time favorite movie is Jurassic Park.

12.   Would you come back to Fan Days, or another Dallas Comic Con?

Absolutely I would go to another Dallas Comic Con, or even back to Fan Days.

13.   How was the price of Fan Days?  

I thought the tickets were pretty reasonable at $50 for a three day pass and parking only $5 per day, although if I had to bring a whole family it would have been too expensive I think.

Fan Days 3

by Jason Burleson

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