Bloc Party at House of Blues Dallas

Tuesday, December 11th House of Blues Dallas was the setting for Bloc Party.

bloc partyIt was an energetic, impatient crowd gathered at the House of Blues Dallas to see Bloc Party.  I arrived while they were setting up the stage for them and enjoyed a few minutes just eavesdropping on the loyal fans who got there early enough to claim their spot in the front.  I kept overhearing people say, “When are they starting?”  When the lights dropped and Kele Okereke, Russell Lissack, Gordon Moakes, and Matt Tong took the stage they were welcomed with a giant swell of welcoming noise.  My friend and I had never really heard this band or its music, but knew lots of people were huge fans and thought we should check them out.

The stage setup was simple.  The band with their instruments in front of a crushed velvet curtain with four large colored blocks hanging.  These guys have been together since 1999 and it shows!  They love what they do, they love their fans, and the fans love them back.  Not being familiar with their songs myself, I did not know the titles of any of the songs, but throughout the 20+ song set that went almost an hour and half, there were so many songs that started with the audience going “OOOHH” that I couldn’t tell which ones were there more popular ones.

bloc party2Kele Okereke has a great smile and a dynamic stage presence. He kept up charming banter with the audience between songs and dancing around.  I spent the second half of the show watching from the balcony and had just as much fun watching the fans enjoy the performance as I did watching the performance itself. The songs were fun, energetic, and had a great mix of guitars, rhythm, and effects.

Overall, this was a great show to watch, and I think anyone in the audience, new or old fans, would agree.  They are now out touring in support of their new album Four and will pick up shows again after the New Year starting in New Jersey on Jan 11th.

Bloc Party


Review and Photos by Reanna Streater


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