Game Review: Far Cry 3

“Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?” Far Cry 3 does a wonderful job of making you contemplate your own sanity and well-being in this game. With so many twists and turns, graphic scenes, and tense moments between you and characters, there is never a dull moment. You run around liberating outposts, hunt rare animals, and take vengeance on those who do wrong by you.

The game starts out with a group of young friends on vacation – exploring the world and going on adventures when available. Unfortunately, when they hit the shore of a beautiful tropical island, everything changes. They are kidnapped by the demented Pirate Lord Vaas, and going to be sold into slavery. Jason Brody (you) and his older brother attempt to escape the camp, but Vaas shoots your brother and you are forced to watch him die in front of you. The mood is set right away with a dark and awful feeling as you run away into the jungle with hope for escape.

You wake up in a room with Dennis, a member of the Rakyat tribe, who are the true inhabitants of the island before it was taken over by drug lords and slave trades. You are adopted into the tribe, and set out to take back the island and save your friends along the very dangerous way. Ultimately, the goal of your journey is to save each of your friends and your younger brother, Riley. As the story progresses and the once timid/shy Jason Brody becomes a mass killer and warrior, you start to wonder if saving your friends is the goal in the end… No more spoilers for you people!

FC3 is an “Open world FPS with an RPG feel to it,” complete with three skill trees to fill out while leveling your character. You can learn how to perform silent take-downs, hold your breath longer under water, improve your health, or learn to shoot a gun while on a zip line! The variety of choices allow you to customize your character. In the end, you can basically upgrade everything – so you don’t have to worry about making a choice on which skill to rely upon the most. You also have the ability to hunt and skin animals, to craft items, and increase the size of your inventory. What’s nice is that you can level-up all your gear before heading out to battle, rather than being caught with your pants down.

Travel is another big factor in FC3. Fast-traveling to any destination once you have liberated its outpost makes life easy, but not all places are reachable that way. Driving a jeep, boat, or wave runner is sometimes the better choice for travel – the whole island is open for exploration! If you can see it on your screen, you can go there. The gorgeous landscapes and sunsets are so well done that sometimes you feel like the island is a real place, full of dangerous animals waiting to pounce.

Stealth is one of the biggest elements of the game. You can use jungle as cover, and it works incredibly well. The player can choose to attack enemies head-on or come in from numerous angles for silent kills. Just don’t let them see a body or the alarms will sound… There are enough guns and customizations to satisfy any gamer. You can purchase guns or just pick them up from dead enemies. The best way to get more weapons is to unlock radio towers and have them unlocked for free. Each gun handles differently with certain attachments and have benefits for different situations. My personal weapon of choice was the Recurve Bow, with the ability to take down enemies silently with one shot. Plus, the arrows drop at range, forcing you to aim high or lead people when shooting. This brought the game to a level of realism you would find in games such as Battlefield.

Each character has a personality fitting to the game. They are written very realistically, letting you fully believe the characters’ feelings and transformations. Sometimes bringing the crazy out in a character really puts you in their shoes. Between Vaas’ attempts on your life, your slow decent into madness, and Lizas’ (your girlfriend) attempts to bring you back to reality, the emotional pull from all sides draws the player deeper into the story and out of the world they thought they knew.

The campaign took me about 20 hours to beat on Hard difficulty. That was just going through and playing it fast and doing little side quests along the way. I completed the game with 37/50 achievements for a score of 690. There are a lot of easy points to get, but they do take time. From unlocking all eighteen radio towers, to collecting one hundred and twenty relics hidden on the island, to simply jumping out of a parachute and murdering someone with your knife, the game gives you achievements that widely vary in difficulty – giving you reason to stick around and play.

Multiplayer options include four player online, system link, and two player split screen. The plot is a side story of four individuals on a cruise ship who are sold into slavery by the captain. Obviously angry and seeking revenge, they follow him through the jungle and work together to get back at him. Multiplayer has customizable classes and ranks like the campaign, and you can gain campaign XP and use it in multiplayer! The missions flow easily and are enjoyable. The best part is adding mini games into each mission for players to compete against each other to earn more XP. From sniping games to throwing grenades and getting more kills, these mini games help break up any monotony.

Multiplayer is also available for players online to compete with each other. It hosts Team Deathmatch, Domination, and two new modes called, “Firestorm” and, “Transmission”. Firestorm makes you set the enemies’ fuel depots ablaze and control a radio to send out napalm. Transmission is like Headquarters (from the Call of Duty franchise). It requires capturing and holding objectives, as they appear on screen, for points. The multiplayer also features the unlocking of new weapons through ranking up and XP to get attachments. A new quality that FC3 brings is something called, “Decoders”. These are devices that unlock weapon mods or just more XP. The higher the decoder is, the longer it takes to decode and gain access to modifications. The actual gameplay itself feels a little behind its time. The games are somewhat slow and rough; you can get frustrated with getting killed, when you’re positive you were out of sight. A bit jumpy at times too, but nothing to really get angry at. The multiplayer is fun enough to give you a break from the campaign, if you need one. The most redeeming quality of online play starts once the match is over. Not the match being over, but at the end, the highest ranking player on the winning team can choose to show mercy or punish the highest score on the losing team. From punching him, to kicking, or even pissing in a bottle and having them drink it. Some get graphic at times, yet you could also have a dance off and have a laugh, if you so choose.

Wrapping things up with FC3, this game is done so well for what it has to offer gamers. It has deep and immense plot that draws and keeps you on the edge of sanity throughout the duration. It forces you to experience tremendous ordeals that most of us couldn’t even imagine. The characters and personalities take the story up onto a level most games only wish to reach. Bringing you and the player on the same plane and making the game not only about saving friends and survival, but surviving yourself and your own actions. The immersive island and amazing graphics will consistently blow you away. With the addition of multiplayer and co-op, you will always have something to do within the game. Go out and buy this game today, it will likely be the best purchase you make this year.

I give Far Cry 3 4.5 “Piss Jugs” out of5



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