Fill Out Your Ballot For The Kansas City Oscar Party 2013!


It’s that time of year again! The one night where we all sit around and watch Hollywood congratulate each other in the most political sense while we, the movie obsessed public, complain about how our favorite films didn’t get nominated. Although not quite as bad as last years massive Snub-Fest Oscar Ceremony, this year we will all have a grand ol’ time getting drunk and yelling at the screen for ever single category that The Master was snubbed from, or when Joaquin Phoenix loses Best Actor.

This year Lost In Reviews and our lovely partners over at Scene-Stealers are throwing yet again the BEST Oscar Party in Kansas City, and this year we’re upping that ante! You can actually watch the whole thing on the silver screen this year at Screenland Armour, complete with a food and cash bar! We’re also bringing back our Oscar Ballot contest!  Try to beat everyone at the party by picking the most winners correctly on your ballot! The winner gets a huge prize and all runners up get their pick of goods from our massive table of movie memorabilia! If you were at last years party then you know how jam packed that table will be. You don’t want to miss out on it!

Head on over to Scene-Stealers to fill out your ballot today!

Scene-Stealers and Lost in Reviews presents

Kansas City Oscar Party 2013

When: Sunday February 24, 6pm (Facebook event page)

Where: Screenland Armour, 408 Armour Rd, KC MO

Cost: FREE!

This isn’t just a night of heightened emotions, fashion, and drinking games. This is a game, folks! Fill out your ballot before you come (or at the party anytime before the show begins) and follow along with the winners as the night progresses. See how you are stacking up next to your friends, because at the end of the night, someone is going home with some serious cash and everyone is going home with cool movie schwag!

Fill out the ballot below before noon on Sunday February 24 and we’ll print it off for youand have it waiting at the party.

Or you can copy/paste the nominees and choose your winners at the party, as long as your ballot is turned in before 7:30pm, when the show starts!


How do I fill out my ballot? You have two choices:

1. Fill it out HERE and hit “submit” before 12 noon on Sunday February 24. It will be waiting for you at the party.

2. Print off your own, bring it to the party, and turn it in before 7:30pm.

Can I fill out more than one ballot? If you’d like to increase your chances of winning, or if you need to fill out one the way you actually want the awards to go and another to try to win, you can do that too.

Can I enter online and not go to the party? Not if you want to win something. All winners must be present at the end of the night to take home prizes.

By Richard Pepper

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