Gaming Under $20: Nano Assault Neo

nano-assault-neoNano Assault Neo first and foremost is the best game to show any of your friends who doubt the graphical prowess of the Wii U console. The developer, Shin’en has a history of making games that really show off the visual capabilities of their respective platforms. The original Nano Assault made its debut as a retail game for Nintendo 3DS in 2011, and was an overpriced but beautiful and fun shooter.

It plays very much like the Super Stardust games on PlayStation platforms, and this is not a bad thing. Yes, the graphics are jaw-droppingly beautiful, utilizing dynamic lighting effects, normal mapping, and all sorts of other complicated words to create a living breathing game world. Quite literally, too, because it takes place entirely on the bodies of cells. You control a nano-sized ship which is on a mission to wipe out growths and germs plaguing these larger cell bodies.

The action becomes quite frantic at times, with upwards of 50 enemies all coming at you at once. In order to tackle such large hoards of enemies, you are presented with numerous power-ups. Satellites are the most helpful, and also the most necessary, as they give your ship multiple beams. There are cloaks, bombs, and special rays to help you out in the heat of battle, but it is the satellites that are almost required during some of the harder levels. There aren’t a whole lot of levels in Nano Assault Neo per se, but you end up forgetting that fact because a Game Over on level 4 means restarting on Level 1.

Nano_Assault_NeoWith lasers flying literally everywhere, avoiding injury can be difficult, but the difficulty adds to the game’s replayability. Adding further to the replayability are the Online leader boards which can be accessed from the game’s menu, and are also presented to you with your Nintendo Network ID highlighted after each Round. Playing this game competitively and trying to become number 1 on the leader boards is not something that is worth doing now, but as the years go on and the number of gamers on the Nintendo Network goes up, I can see it becoming hugely addicting, especially if your friends are all playing.

The only thing that would really make this game any better is cross-play between the two versions. I would love to be able to play online on my Wii U against my friends who own the 3DS version. While it isn’t likely to be a part of any future patch, there is an updated 3DS version on the way called Nano Assault EX, which could potentially allow this. Nano Assault Neo is not a big game, but it is very, very fun, and is only slightly overpriced at $9.99.

Nano Assault Neo is Worth It!

Worth It

by Patrick “Tricky” Young.


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