Gaming Under $20 – Captain America: Super Soldier

shieldslapIn this week’s review, we take a look at freedom, justice, witty one-liners, and MURICA! With Captain America: Super Soldier (CASS) running below our twenty dollar mark, it seemed like the perfect game to test drive to justice. Okay, that’s enough patriotic throw-ins for now, let’s dive in and see if the Cap has what it takes!

CASS is a third person shooter, with the main focus of the game coming from its combat style. It is very reminiscent of Batman: Arkham Asylum. The style is based on fluid movements and powerful combos to deal heavy damage to foes. There is also a hefty mix of free-flow combat and quick time moments in play here.

This type of gameplay really helped bring the game a step up from most titles that are loosely based on superhero movies. Your main weapon in combat is, of course, your shield. Whether you are bashing in skulls or deflecting bullets back onto enemies, the shield quickly proves that it can do just as good a job as something pointy or projectile. With upgrades to your combat style and developing more tricks to use, the shield is your biggest asset in the game.

Your shield is not just for combat, but for puzzle solving and other in-game brain busters. These are instrumental in breaking up thehydrahq relatively repetitive combat. These breaks are incredibly appreciated from time to time, when all you seem to do is run around till you find something else to destroy or fight off bigger “Hydra” thugs.

One excellent point for CASS is that lots of the voice actors from the film made an appearance, including: Chris Evans, Neal McDonnugh, and Hayley Atwell. This really helped bring a more depth and feeling to the dialog. The graphics are not as good as you would hope for a 2011 release, but they don’t hurt the gameplay. Really, the best part about CASS is the combat and the evolving combos. Truly, nothing is better than going into a slew of enemies and completely kicking ass with nothing but your fists, your shield, and your FREEDOM!! 

The campaign in CASS attempts to follow the plot of the film. Captain America spends most of his time fighting to save his comrades in arms and facing off against all of Hydra’s deadly enemies and super soldier creatures. You’ll even face off with enemies like Iron Cross perchedlikeakittenand Red Skull at times. Character development isn’t something they try to flesh out in this game, instead they expect you to have a general idea who everyone is from either the movie or comics. This works out well, because you really don’t care who is who as long as you can kick some Hydra ass along the way.

Therefore, Captain America: Super Soldier gains the title of: Rent Worthy. Most people should find this to be pretty enjoyable, especially if you are looking to mix up your play time with something else and just have fun embodying freedom and justice! This game is plenty of fun, but forgettable. It has no deep character plots and subpar graphics. Luckily, the combat gameplay saves this title with exciting and unique situations. So, go out and give this title a try this weekend!

Captain America: Super Soldier is Worth It!

Worth It


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