Interview with Marlon Wayans for ‘A Haunted House’

A Haunted House PosterMarlon Wayans was in Dallas last month, and we had the opportunity to sit down with him to discuss his new film, A Haunted House.  Marlon is mostly known for being a comedic actor, and he got quite a few laughs out of me (I apologize in advance for the loud laughing).  We discussed the film (of course), parody laws, how the filmmakers of the films being “parodied” in this film responded to it, the budget and cast, the sets (an actual house), the infamous teddy bear sex scene, the Scary Movie franchise, and his involvement in a possible Richard Pryor biopic.  And wait until the end, where I end up being the uncool, stereotypical white girl in a moment forever to be labelled as awkward and embarrassing.

A Haunted House is in theatres January 11, 2013.

by Sarah Ksiazek

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