The Effinays play DFW

spookThis Saturday I had nothing planned and I see through the magic of the internets that The Effinays, a local group that I have seen open for another local band I love, was playing at club in downtown Forth Worth for $3.  They will be playing for 2 hours, sweet!

Like I said, I have seen this band open for another local band, Spoonfed Tribe, two other times. Once at Trees in Dallas and again at Lola’s in Fort Worth. I loved their style the minute they started playing, but I had only heard them do a few songs each time.  This time at Embargo on 8th, they were the only act.  It was an intimate room, and they had a full 2 hours to get their funk on, and ladies an gentleman, it was AMAZING!!

This group hails from Dallas and was formed about five years ago, but they are picking up some serious steam playing all over the Metroplex and participating in the Chevy Music showcase.  They play a little reggae, a little funk, a little latin, and more mixed in with a whole lot of talent and energy. This was the first full performance I have seen from them, and it was easily my absolute favorite.  The smooth voiced lead vocalist Joe “Big Spook” Martinez sang his way through songs like “Effinays in Your Ear,” “Doughnut Shop,” “Gypsy,” and “Angelita.”  Julian “King” Ayacannoo and Marquise “Kool-aid” Jones provided unbelievable saxophone and some sweet moves during the set.  Mr. Jones you have a smile that lights up a room. There were some instrumental moments that allowed the strings to shine in the spotlight as well. Jeremy “Pan Blanco” Piering strummed the bass and Jason “Shaggy” Kerr shook his wild curls through a few solos. You also have Valenti on keyboards and drums.  Ladies, at one point he was playing keys with his right hand, drums with his left, cymbals with his left foot, and was, I assume, sending texts to one of his groupies with the right foot!

saxThese guys are relaxed and having a good time with what they are doing.  There is lots of joking and silliness that goes on during songs that really adds to the atmosphere on stage.  They are all very talented musicians, but they have a great sense of fun about them, playing their great cover of Micheal Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and just showing everyone they are happy to be doing what they do.

I cannot stress how you should make it a point to check them out when you get a chance! They will be opening for Groupo Fantasma at the Live Oak Theater in Fort Worth on Friday, the 1st and on the 9th they will be at Trees in Dallas competing for a chance to play at the Wakarusa Music Festival. Support local music!

by Reanna Streater


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