Gaming Under $20: Bulletstorm

minigunKick him in the face, put him into slow-mo, shoot the testicles, and slam them into a wall of spikes! That is how this game is supposed to be played. This unique FPS’s style is one to be marveled at, for its price. Bulletstorm takes killing enemies with skill to an entirely new level! Can this arcade style FPS go toe-to-toe with the rest of the Shooters in terms of entertainment and value? Lets dive in and see what this game has to offer.

Bulletstorm takes place in the 26th century, where the universe is run by the Confederation of Planets. Our protagonist, Grayson Hunt, is part of an elite squad known as, “Dead Echo”. This group’s primary purpose is assassinating alleged criminals and dirty people around the galaxy. All seems to be going smoothly under General Serrono, until they kill Bryce Novak. He was a civilian reporter working on the deaths caused by Dead Echo. The team soon realizes they’ve been duped and go AWOL, becoming space pirates on the run. 10 years down the road, Grayson and his crew come face to face with Serrano’s Battle cruiser. He then drunkenly decides to crash into the cruiser because, “Fuck that guy!”

The ships collide, forcing both to crash land on the surface of Stygia. The planet, once used for testing grounds of new soldiers and recruits, is now overrun with tribes of feral creatures and humans with ferocious plants ready to tear you up whenever they feel like. Once crash-landed, Hunt goes looking for the rest of his crew and searching for energy cells to save them in the medical depot. From hotpantshere on out things get pretty simple about the the goal of your missions: Find Serrano and kill him dead!

What really sets this game apart is not the campaign or the in-depth story line…Its the killing with skill! That’s right, you get a super sweet, electronic force leash that you can use to grab, whip, throw, and execute enemies with! Killing someone in the most unique way imaginable gains you extra points. No longer a simple headshot is where your  money lays. Now a kick in the face, shot in the balls, and whipping enemies into the air is the way to go! That, kids, is how we play the game. This style of gameplay brings out a whole new side of playing. Thinking of new ways to murder enemies and using anything and everything to do it with makes for an exciting, interesting game.

The fluidity of this game works surprisingly well throughout the play through. With solid controls and good button layout, it’s really easy to pick up what the game has to offer. Even the cutscenes entertain and hold the player’s interest with crude humor and a style all its own. There are always a few glitches to be expected with rendering objects and AI doing some really weird things. Other than those, gozerthe game is very solid.

One other downfall is the lack of multiplayer versus modes. Instead, there are trial modes that let you run through a part of a level timed, and see who can rack up the most points and post them to the leaderboards online. It’s a fun time, if you have nothing better to do, but still not enough to satisfy what could be a really fun online gameplay.

Altogether, I’d say this is a game to go out and rent for a couple days to get some enjoyment out. Or for the full price of $9, just buy the damn thing for a good time. With a fun campaign and lots of new, sadistic ways of killing your enemies, Bulletstorm gets a “Go Out and GET CHU SOME”!

Bulletstorm is Worth It!

Worth It

By Luke Wyatt


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