Check out these creepy posters for You’re Next!

Recent buzz-worthy SXSW hit You’re Next has just released it’s first batch of theatrical posters. Visually, the comparisons to The Strangers are unavoidable, but according to Angela and Ryan’s REVIEW, that’s where the comparisons end. Modern horror flicks really bite the big ones, but I don’t know, I’m quite convinced on this film just simply because I like the idea of the dude wearing the giant sheep mask killin’ people. Cause look at it. It’s kinda cute, right? It’s like if someone made a horror film about a dude wearing a Grumpy Cat mask going around slaughtering people. OMG SOMEONE MAKE THAT ADORABLE ASS HORROR MOVIE RIGHT NOW.

Check out the posters for You’re Next below! 


By Richard Pepper

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