Interview with Kelcey Ayer of Local Natives

hummingbirdLocal Natives are currently touring in France and are on their way to the States in the next week in support of their sophomore album Hummingbird.  I was able to have a few minutes to chat with Kelcey Ayer and ask him a few questions about the tour and the album.

The band starts a long string of shows stateside next Friday with two shows in Texas, one in Houston, and one in Dallas.  Both are already sold out.  Ayer said they have been able to play Texas on several occasions for SXSW and other tours, and the state has always been kind to the band which hails from Los Angeles.

Ayer, who provides vocals, keyboards, and percussion for the band, said everyone contributes to the songs on Hummingbird.  Each person has one or two songs that they consider more of a reflection of themselves, and for him that track is “Black Spot.” He feels it is a little more unorthodox in its structure than most of their music. It was an idea he had started, and he was worried it wouldn’t be one that would make it onto the album.  It actually turned out to be very special in that it only took them a day to write it, which is much shorter than usual.  He feets proud of how the band connected with it and how the final product turned out.

lnFor this album, the band was able to have Aaron Dessner of The National as the producer and engineer.  Dessner has success producing albums with artists such as Sharon van Etten.  Local Natives were attracted to having him as a producer because they already had so much respect for him as a songwriter.  Ayer mentioned that with Desner’s success with The National, he doesn’t have to produce.  He is able to work on projects that he is passionate about, and that was exactly what the band was looking for.

In this world of digital networking, the band is very dedicated to connecting with their fans directly, so all you see on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is directly from them.

Hummingbird is being met with critical praise. The album is currently available everywhere and has led to the group performing a track on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and hopefully more performances as they make their way across the country.  They have tour dates all over including major festivals Bonarroo and Coachella this summer, so check out their website for more information.

by Reanna Streater


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