SXSW Movie Review: Kelly + Victor

kellyvictorKelly and Victor meet at a nightclub in Liverpool and the sparks are immediate. What could have just been a one night stand turns into a tumultuous relationship where the passion between the two, sexually, overshadows the destruction they are causing each other. The story is vague on history but the viewer should get the gist that Kelly has a rough background which has no doubt influenced her sexual experiences. Victor is unassuming in his desire for Kelly and gets a wake up call when Kelly takes their sex to a painfully scary level one night.

Love and lust are easily confused in this film, which is often true to life. There have been plenty of people that have found themselves pondering if this is the right one for them or just great for now because of the passion they share together. That passion leaps off the screen between the two leads, played by Antonia Campbell-Hughes and Julian Morris. Although dialogue is scarce at times, the chemistry of the two is really in their eyes and body language.

kellyvictor2The film is based off the novel of the same title by Niall Griffiths. Griffiths worked with Director Kieran Evans to write the screenplay. Evans is known more for his director work with music, such as the Isle of Wight Festival. As mentioned earlier, this film takes place in Liverpool and the accents may be a little tough to decipher at times. Although this is not a particularly wordy film, so it works for everyone. Cast leads Campbell-Hughes and Morris had great chemistry on screen and were the strongest reason the film has such emotional depth. The film will definitely sit with the viewer for a few days afterward and certainly stir up conversations with others. However, in the end, the film does not have the stamina to last. It covers a taboo topic in today’s society, but ten years from now, will anyone be talking about this? This is still a film worth seeing, if for nothing else than to know the topic of taboo referenced above. However, it is a film you might be more comfortable watching at home than in the theater.

I give Kelly + Victor 3 “shards of glass” out of 5


by Angela Davis

Additional Screenings

Tuesday, March 12

11:00AM -12:30PM

Venue: Stateside Theatre


Thursday, March 14

5:45PM – 7:15PM

Venue: Violet Crown 1&2


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