Tame Impala with The Growl at the Granada Theater

Wednesday, February 27th, The Granada Theater in Dallas, TX hosted Tame Impala with The Growl to a sold out crowd.

The GrowlOpening act The Growl from Freemantle, Western Australia put on a raw, garage rock performance with lots of percussion. The lead singer snarled, sashayed, and clapped his way through a great set that did a spectacular job of warming up the crowd. I was a huge fan of the two drum kits and the heavy, constant percussion that rocked through all their songs. Their current single “Clever Leaver,” was a standout song in the set. I would love to see these guys come back on their own.

When Tame Impala took the stage, I was not sure what to expect.  I have been listening to their newest release Lonerism for about a month and love it, but didn’t know a thing about the band other than they were from Perth, Australia.  When lead singer/mastermind Kevin Parker walked up to the front of their stage to start the set, he was very young looking and stood up there with his bare feet and guitar.  The first song was a little rough around the edges, but then it just got better and better from there.  I would ultimately describe the next 90 minutes as liquidy, dreamy, lush deliciousness!  I have since learned that for the most part Parker plays all the music on the album, but when doing live shows he plays with four other bandmates.  This was such a great, full sounding show with beautiful lyrics and wonderful instrumentation that never really took a pause.  In the few and short breaks in between songs, Parker was sincerely complementary to the “Dallasians” and how welcoming they are and how grateful he was to their obvious love and support.

Tame ImpalaThe guys played on the stage with lots of red and blue toned lights along with three screens that played equalizer type videos that pulsed and moved in time with the music.  Overall, there was a very psychedelic vibe to the show. Also, there were no fog machines on stage, but the audience happily filled the room with enough smoke that it swirled in the lights throughout the entire performance.  I truly enjoyed this show and the talent of all the bands playing together.  The guitars and effects pedals and machines were magnificent and had the crowd swaying along.  My personal favorites were “Elephant,” “Mind Mischief,” and “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.” There were some great songs played from their first album Innerspeaker as well.

This was a great show by both bands and I would highly recommend catching them on tour. They play Saturday, March 2nd in Louisville, KY.

Oh and a note to the Granada Theater.  You are my favorite venue in Dallas. I see at least a dozen shows there every year.  This was my first time attending a show with a press pass and it did not start out well.  The doorman, short dark haired guy with glasses and stretchers in his ears was super rude and sent me away, because even with my ID in hand he said I was not one of the two people on the list.  However, the fantastic Silver Fox you have working the back door was easily able to read my ID and see that I was indeed one of the only two names on the list and instantly gave me my bracelet and sent me on my way with a smile, so tell him thanks. As well as the great group of guys you always have working the front of the stage.

Tame Impala/The Growl

Photos and Review by Reanna Streater


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