Kat Edmonson at the Kessler Theater

KatSunday, April 7th, Kat Edmonson played the Kessler Theater in the historic neighborhood of Oak Cliff, Dallas.

The Kessler Theater is a lovely venue located on Davis Street in Oak Cliff.  You are missing out if you have not stopped by for a show here.   It is a beautifully redone venue that has an intimate feel for guests during any show.  This show was no exception.  I had only heard a few YouTube videos of Kat before this show, so I was very excited about hearing that voice, and man was it a treat.

All the seats and tables on the floor were full as the lights went down and one of the daintiest people I have ever seen entered center stage and spoke in a tiny voice welcoming the audience to the show. Once the band started playing, the next hour was filled with bluesy goodness and a smokey voice that will make your hair stand on end. Her voice is in the thread of Nora Jones, but it stands all on its own. My favorite song was “Hopelessly Blue,” so beautiful. During the songs she kept her eyes closed and swayed in her own little world while she sang and the band played. In between, she chatted sincerely with the audience and thanked them for supporting her. Her most recent release Way Down Low was funded by a Kickstarter campaign, so the loyalty and strength of her fan base is evident.

This is her first tour with a full band and she has found a great one.  The lead guitarist was fantastic.  The piano and all types of percussion completed all the music with a full rich sound. Kat mentioned this was not her first visit to the the Kessler and by the audience response, a large part of them had attended her other shows.  There was a constant string of compliments and encouragement kat 2for more from all directions throughout the entire performance.  I am pretty confident with talent like this, she will be touring for awhile, but as word spreads I don’t think the Kessler will be able to hold her for long. I was glad I was privileged enough to attend this show before the rest of the world catches on to the talent of this big voiced pixie!

Review and Photos by Reanna Streater


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