Lost in Previews: The Bling Ring

The Bling Ring PosterSofia Coppola is back as the writer and director of The Bling Ring, a film based on the true story of the Bling Ring, a group of teenagers who broke into celebrities houses in LA.  The film focuses on the rise and demise of these teenagers.  The cast includes Emma Watson, Leslie Mann, Taissa Farmiga, Claire Julien, Israel Broussard, Katie Chang, Georgia Rock, and Gavin Rossdale.  Paris Hilton was one of the victims of the Bling Ring and she participated in the film herself.  Kirsten Dunst also makes an appearance.  I personally can’t wait to see Emma Watson as a California, celebrity-obsessed, teenager in this.

The song used in the trailer is “Crown on the Ground” by the Sleigh Bells.

“In the fame-obsessed world of Los Angeles, a group of teenagers take us on a thrilling and disturbing crime spree in the Hollywood hills. Based on true events, the group, who were fixated on the glamorous life, tracked their celebrity targets online, and stole more than $3 million in luxury goods from their homes. Their victims included Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, and Rachel Bilson, and the gang became known in the media as “The Bling Ring.””

The Bling Ring is in theatres June 14, 2013.

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by Sarah Ksiazek

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