Two Door Cinema Club at the Palladium Ballroom in Dallas

2doorThursday, April 11th at the Palladium Ballroom, Two Door Cinema Club put on a spectacular show.

This was not a sold out show. Dallas, shame on you because you TOTALLY MISSED OUT! Starting promptly at 9, the band from Northern Ireland took the stage. The lighting work on this show was fabulous so kudos to their stage crew.  The entire back wall of the stage was LED towers with multicolored spotlights on top of each one.  It drenched the stage in everything from a deep moody blue to eye blinding white lights and was the perfect companion for the music.

I just started listening to this band about a year ago and quickly became a massive fan of their sound.  Lead singer Sam Halliday’s bell-toned voice combined with beautiful guitar riffs from Alex Tremble really make dreamy sounding songs that have some driving beats that you can’t sit still to.

They played 19 songs straight through without pause, covering hits from their first album Tourist History and, of course, their newest release Beacon.  This was a high energy show that proved that this band’s talent is one hundred percent real!  It is always greatness to attend a show where the artist sounds identical to the recording.  I cannot say enough about how beautiful Halliday’s voice is.

2 doorOnce again the Palladium was a great venue to see this show. It has plenty of open space, good viewing from everywhere, and fantastic sound.  During one of the breaks, Tremble thanked the audience, letting them know the last time they played this venue it was in the smaller room, and that it was all due to the fans that they had moved onto the bigger stage.  The last song “What You Know” ended with tons of white giant balls being released into the sweat-soaked dancing crowd until the final note was played.

They played Coachella and have left the States for a few globetrotting shows, so keep an eye out for them to return. This is one band you should put on your bucket list to see.

Two Door Cinema Club

Photos and Review by Reanna Streater


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