My Wakarusa Bucketlist

wakarusa1In two weeks I am off to the mountains to spend four glorious days at the 10th Annual Wakarusa Music Festival in Ozark, Arkansas.  This festival is supposed to be a combination of music, art, and nature like no other and I cannot wait!  Now I will be catching shows, doing interviews, and photographing as much as possible to share with all of you.

I have spent hours pouring over the Waka website, the lineup, and reading articles about festivals past.  I am trying to see what it is I want to try and do most.  There is so much stuff and most of it is all happening simultaneously. I am trying to not let the To Do List Freak in me take over and just make a general idea.  Half the point of this experience is to work on “going with the flow.”

So with that idea in mind I have just set some general goals of what I hope to accomplish during this event:

wakarusa_20111. MUSIC: Duh, of course I am going to take in every show I possibly can! The lineup is so eclectic and that is fabulous.  I definitely want to hear The Black Crowes and Of Monsters and Men because I already love their music. I will also support local bands from the DFW area The Effinays and Spoonfed Tribe because they are great musicians and are always kind to me.  What I am really anticipating is discovering new music I have never experienced.  I have been looking up individual acts and asking everyone I know for suggestions of what to check out.  So far Langhorne Slim, Shovels and Rope, Galactic, Ozomotli, and Shpongle have been suggested the most.  I am also trying to setup some interviews with some of the newer artists so we will see…

2. CULTURE: Camping with thousands of strangers at a music festival for four days is going to be a jump into culture all on its own, but when looking at the activities schedule on the website, words like hoop classes and costume parades are what catch my eye.  I am an obsessive people watcher to begin with, so the idea of parades of people in crazy costumes walking by on an hourly basis is almost too much for me to handle. Now to work up the courage to participate instead of just observing…

3. NATURE: Days of endless live music and it is set in the isolated and breathtaking scenery of the Ozark Mountains to boot? What is a nature loving girl to do?  Try and hike and swim as much as possible with a live soundtrack flowing over the hills, that is what!!

Wakarusa_Friday_Seymour003_t4604. FRIENDS: I am always excited to meet new people, and especially over a common interest like music.  I cannot imagine living in a temporary camping town for such an extended time and not meet some amazing people.  However, I am also looking to create memories with friends I already have as well. I am lucky enough to be traveling to this event with my friends and Dallas Waka Winter Classic Winners The Effinays.  These guys have become not only friends, but my “Big Brothers” and as their success builds momentum, I am truly excited watch them have fun and reap the rewards of their talent.  I have confidence that this will be a huge moment for them and am that I will get to see them perform in front of their largest crowd yet.

The 10th Annual Wakarusa Music Festival is taking place in Ozark, Arkansas May 30th-June 2nd.  Stay tuned for my reports, reviews, and photos of this event!


Article by Reanna Streater


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