‘Transformers 4’ Adds TJ Miller to the Cast

tj millerComedian TJ Miller is set to join the cast of the Michael Bay directed film as the best friend to the main character, Flynn Vincent, played by Mark Wahlberg.  Miller is currently filming the comedy Search Party and his pilot, Silicon Valley, has been picked up by HBO.  Filming of Transformers 4 will begin this June in parts of the US and China.  As of now, the film does not have a set release date but it is expected to premiere in the summer of 2014.  Already cast in the movie alongside Miller and Wahlberg is Li Bingbing, Kelsey Grammer, Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci, and Sophia Miles.  Although not official there has been some speculation that the 4th movie in the series will feature the Dinobots.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

by Mendie Murray

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