Wakarusa Band Profile: Spoonfed Tribe


sfSpoonfed Tribe is a Fort Worth band that was formed in 1999. They have an amazing, eclectic, and very hard to put into words live show.  I was lucky enough to be taken to one of their shows at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth, TX in 2001, and it was a complete experience! There was endless percussion, lights, effects, face paint, and sooo much else. I have now made it a routine to catch them every time they come through the area and am very excited to tell everyone about them and their upcoming performance at the Wakarusa Music Festival, where I will be sitting down to talk to them directly.

The band consists of Jerome 57-Bass/Vox/Perc, Egg Nebula-Vox/Flute/Perc, Troy Williams-Guitar/Vox/Perc, Matt Cocuzza-Drums/Perc/Samples, Chad Cocuzza-Perc/Drums/Keys, and David Willingham – Trumpet/Keys. The newest additions to the band are Jeff Dazey – Bari Sax and Shadow Price – Alto Sax.

Since 1999 they have been releasing self-produced albums. Their newest release Enjoy the Ride is out now and according to Jerome, “It focuses on a few of the Spoonfed Soundscapes rather than our previous ‘ScatterBrained’ efforts.” He says it focuses on their song-oriented rock sound, as well as their international percussive sound and has nine tracks. The title of this latest release came from their main goal of making music they are happy with ,and, if it catches on, then they will “go along for the ride.” They are very grateful to all the fans that contributed to their 2012 Kickstarter campaign which partially funded this album.

IMG_2572This will be their second time to perform at Wakarusa. They will be debuting most of the new material there, but promise there will still be some staples in the setlist special for the fans.  They previewed some of the new songs that ended up on the album at last year’s performance and were pleased with the results.

Spoonfed Tribe is set to play on Saturday, June 1st 6-7:30pm at the Revival Tent. I will be there and you should be too!

On a side note, these guys have a side project called The End of the World Parade that will hopefully pop up randomly throughout this festival and may even feature members from other bands including Dallas’ The Effinays so keep your eyes peeled because it is an experience too!


Photos and Article by Reanna Streater


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