Brad Pitt making PITT-STOPS at World War Z fan screenings!

Brad Pitt

Lately Brad Pitt has been making a few Pitt-Stops (why he’s not actually calling them that is beyond me) at certain fan pre-screenings of World War Z, introducing the film and holding Q&A sessions for fans, as well as using the screenings as a stepping stool for showing off those luscious golden locks. So far he’s attended screenings in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Austin. No word on whether the Pitt-Master will make a Pitt-Stop at the KC fan screening, but wouldn’t it be great if he did? I Can just hear it now: “Man, I’m so excited for this flick to start… wait a minute, did a fully grown Lion walk in the theater or is that BRAD FUCKING PITT?!”

So don’t hesitate on entering for screening tickets in Kansas City. You’ll hate yourself if he DOES happen to show up, and you don’t get to ask him a million questions about Fight Club!

World War Z opens June 21

By Richard Pepper

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