Movie Review: World War Z

New-World-War-Z-PosterThere are two types of people in this world: those who love zombie films and those that don’t. This reviewer is a weird hybrid of the two. When it comes to the supernatural, there is a fine line between “that could really happen” and “Jesus! Who could enjoy that shit?” Luckily, World War Z plays to the former rather than the latter. The story is based of the book of the same name but doesn’t follow it that closely. They plot is simple, like most zombie films or shows: there was an outbreak of an infection and it’s only a matter of time before you catch it. However, some may be immune to it, just like any infection or virus known to man. That is the believable part.

It starts to get into the unbelievable range when zombies are climbing on each other  at such a rapid rate they are literally creating a wall of dead, crawling bodies. However enjoyable that is, at some point the CG gets on your nerves and the 3D doesn’t help. Yes, this is once again a film that is better off without the 3D. There aren’t really any jump out at you moments and the depth in this film isn’t felt in the 3D mode because of the extensive use of the graphics used to make the story come to life.

World-War-Z-headerI will say that the casting is definitely the strongest asset of this film. Most people will buy a ticket just for the name Brad Pitt. And for this film, they would be right. He was great in it, a believable role as a father that has brains and brawn. Most likely a very close character to his own. The rest of the cast are relatively unknown, but in this sort of story, that’s good. That way, you never know who will die next because top billing is not on your mind while watching it.

For those of you that will love it, good news, a second one is already in the works. For those that will hate it, you know who you are and should probably just skip this one.

by Angela Davis

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