She and Him at Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas

1-IMG_2624Tuesday, June 15th, the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie hosted the duo She and Him with opening act The Secret Sisters.

This was a lovely combination of two duos with very complementary music and fans.  The theater was already quite full as southern duo The Secret Sisters took the stage with their charm and amazing harmony.  I heard good things about this duo but had never listened to any of their music.  Two songs in and I was sold.  Their acoustic guitar, which they passed back and forth between each other for different songs, and their simply beautiful vocals and lovely lyrics combined with chit chat in between each song held the audience’s complete attention.  The finished their set with an adorable rendition of “You Belong to Me” and the promise to return to Grand Prairie in October.

05-IMG_2633The stage setup for She and Him was simple and intimate.  A dreamy colored background with dim lighting and a five piece band with two backup singers.  When Zooey and Matt entered the stage, the crowd was brimming with anticipation.  Of course the crowd goes wild for Zooey with her immense popularity that stems not just from her music, but from absolutely every aspect of her.  She was, of course, adorable in a blue dress with sparkles and a pink sash.  Her petite frame looking even tinier on the large stage, but that tiny body houses that big voice and use it she did.  For the entire hour and a half set, she provided a majority of the vocals along with keys, tambourine, ukulele, and mouth trumpet.  Matt provided a lush variety of guitars for almost all the songs.  His roadie really earned his keep with the constant instrument changes for every song, but he did treat us to some delightful vocals and some keys.  They covered songs from all three of their albums with great backup from the band which provided absolutely fantastic guitar.  The whole concert had a dreamy, 50s, Patsy Cline vibe.  My absolute favorite part was about halfway through they did a few acoustic songs including a flawless version of “You Really Got a Hold on Me.”

As a fan of both of these performers for their work that they do outside of this duo, I enjoyed this show.  M. Ward is a beautiful guitarist and has a very subdued stage presence.  Zooey is just as people hoped she would be. Interacting with the crowd in odd little bits and pieces asking questions like “How many people here are from Dusseldorf?” and calmly responding to the random yells from the crowd that included things like “I was meant to be your gay best friend!”   By the time they took their bow to the audience, the whole place was happily on their feet showing just how much they enjoyed it too.

She and Him

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Review and Photos By Reanna Streater


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