Interview: Nick Frost, Edgar Wright, and Simon Pegg Talk ‘The World’s End’ . . . and Giraffes

theworldsend1I am blown away by the all the people I have met through Lost in Reviews, and this interview with Nick Frost, Edgar Wright, and Simon Pegg was no exception.  I sat down with the trio when they came through Dallas promoting their newest film, The World’s End, the final installment in the Cornetto Trilogy.  We discuss the film and, oddly enough, giraffes.  Why?  Well, why the hell not.  I work as a zookeeper and my job came up in the interview before the cameras started rolling.

The last question refers to a certain image from a Fatboy Slim concert DVD that popped up on the site imgur about a week before I did the interview.

Source: Lost in Reviews

by Sarah Ksiazek

Video edited by Jordan Long

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