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At the Screen Gems/Sony block in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones had a panel.

In attendance were director Harald Zwart, author Cassandra Clare, Lily Collins (Clary), Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace), Kevin Zegers (Alec), Godfrey Gao (Magnus Bane), and Robert Sheehan (Simon).

During the panel, we were treated to the first clip from the film.  It involved Jace and Clary having a discussion about Shadowhunters and what Clary is in reality.  This conversation is mixed with Clary’s mother (Lena Headey) being attacked in her apartment by demons.  Clary arrives after her mother has already been taken and meets with a demon herself.  Of course, Jace saves the day.  Below is the same clip that was released to Yahoo! Movies recently.

During the Q & A portion of the panel, several questions were asked of the panel members.

Lily Collins said that she was really attracted to playing the part of Clary because of the determination of finding her mom, and all the other things that came into play (comedy, romance) were second to that.  She said Clary is both tenacious and courageous.  Lily was a fan of the novels before she was cast in the film and admired this literary heroine that she admired.  The most challenging aspect of playing Clary was doing stunts in her costumes.

Harald Zwart commented on the novels and how the first book as source material is great.  He really did not need to change anything, but his challenge was to compress the material into film length and choose what parts to keep in and what to leave out.  Even with removing parts of the story, it had to remain consistent.

Author Cassandra Clare wanted to be involved with the film.  She participated in casting and bugged director Harald Zwart about almost anything.  Zwart basically introduced her to how to make a film, while Clare educated him on where the stories went and how things told in this film would affect future films.  She is very active on social media.  She finds the time to do all that she does because she sets a limit on how many words she wants to write in a certain period of time.  After that, she is able to do other things.

Jamie Campbell Bower plays Jace as a “sassy bitch” because he really is an arrogant bastard in the books.  Jamie comments on how Jace has a vulnerability about him and that’s why he is quite arrogant.  He is trying to cover that vulnerability up.  Hardest part of playing Jace was not eating chocolate.  I guess he did some serious dieting and training for the film.

Robert Sheehan played a character in the UK show Misfits.  He was asked how the DownWorlders differed from the supernatural characters in the Misfits.  Robert said that the superpowers that the Misfits developed kind of came from within and were “extensions of their own insecurities.”  DownWorlders are part human, part demon, and coexist well with humans.    The hardest part about playing Simon for him was giving up some of his guy-ness because he plays a somewhat weak character who stands behind women while they fight.

Kevin Zegers tried to not look ahead to the other books because he was very much focused just on this film and the first book.  He does comment that it looks like they will at least be able to make one more film (City of Ashes).  They all tried to not become overwhelmed about making a whole series and just focused on the first book.  He really loved the character of Alec from the first time he read the script.  The hardest part of playing his character was hanging out with Jamie Campell Bower for three months.  Ha!

Godfrey Gao commented on Comic Con being a Magnus Bane caliber party.  (He got a lame question.)  Cassandra Clare may have a cameo at his party scene in the film.  The hardest part of playing Mangus was taking his pants off in front of the director.

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