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The Vampire Diaries panel at San Diego Comic Con happened on Saturday, July 20th.  My couple of friends and I managed to move a little closer to the stage for this panel.  I will say that there was definitely a huge amount of fans here, and that was very apparent as the cast members came out, especially the boys.

The Vampire Diaries panel was made up of Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine), Kat Graham (Bonnie), Candice Accola (Caroline), Paul Wesley (Stefan), Ian Somerhalder (Damon), Julie Plec (writer/producer), and Caroline Dries (producer/writer).

The gang took some early morning flights from Georgia to make it to the panel.  They are currently filming Season 5, and Ian still had some blood on him from filming.

During the panel, there was a video that summed up some of the major events in the past seasons and the last season (Season 4).  Seeing as I had not even seen Season 4, I got the whole season spoiled for me, but I guess I expected that to happen when you go to one of these panels.

I will mention now that Ian Somerhalder knows how to play to the crowd, and there were an insane amount of girls taking it in.

The Season 4 DVD will hit the shelves September 4, 2013, and Season 5 will premiere on October 10, 2013 on the CW.

Here are some of the points of discussion at the panel.

Paul Wesley found out early that he would be playing two characters in Season 4.

Silas will at least be the baddie for the beginning of Season 5.  We will get to see how he came to be.

Nina Dobrev commented on the development of Katherine no longer being a vampire.  She no longer has an advantage anymore.  She is now humbled and weak.  When she gets a cold, she coughs and says, “When I cough, it is green.”  It is going to take a lot of getting used to on her part to adjust to being a normal human.

Elena will be off to college in Season 5.  On the plus side, they never have to worry about money or not cutting class since they can compel.

Caroline is also headed off to college, and she is trying to get Tyler to go as well.  Klaus is gone (since he is now on that new show, The Originals), but he may meet Caroline again.  She is excited to go to college.  We get to see Elena and Caroline making their way through the human world outside of Mystic Falls.  There will probably be some new men with this new environment.

Bonnie is dead and is on the “other side.”   She can communicate only with Jeremy.  We will have to see how long the secret that she is on the other side is kept from others.  Bonnie saved Jeremy and did not think through the consequences.  The panel did not comment on whether we will get to see other dead characters, but we will see what Bonnie experiences and what she sees.

How are they going to explain to Jeremy that he is alive again?  Elena will compel him.

Jeremy and Damon are kind of like roomies at college.

They are glad “The Cure” is gone.  It was given to Katherine as the ultimate revenge.

Nina commented on that there is a lot of green screen work and stunts, but in the end it all pays off.  She likes playing two characters, but hates the hair and makeup process for playing Katherine.

Many want to know if there will ever be a Vampire Diaries film.  There are no plans at this time, but each episode is basically like a one hour film.

For the 100th episode, they are planning something special.

Julie Plec loves the character, Alaric, and would love to see him again.  But she did not say anything definite about him showing up again.

Tatia may make an appearance in future seasons.

Altogether, this was a fun panel, even though some of the details on this past season were over my head.

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