‘Billy on the Street’ keeps up the laughs in SXSW season 3 preview

Billy Eichner is loud, in your face and kind of rude, which makes for a hilarious recipe on his comedy show on Fuse: “Billy on the Street.” The promos call it an “acquired taste” and while Billy isn’t for everyone, those who get it are really going to love the new season  of the show. If you like comedy that is fast, keeping you and its subjects on your toes, then Billy is refreshingly fun. billy

Billy’s best sketches are him running down streets and putting average people on the spot, letting them shape the humor in a very deer in the headlights type of fashion. At SXSW, I got to preview episode 2 of the new “Billy on the Street” season and if this one episode is any indication of the rest, then we’re in for a great season with plenty of fun on-the-spot guests. His humor continues to be fast and fun. It’s always off-guard catching.

In episode 2, the celebrity guest is Lena Dunham (HBO’s “Girls”). Odd games and Q&A’s with her are interspersed with Billy’s on the street interviews with regular people. Lena is a charming guest, getting excited when winning at Billy’s strange games and correctly answering questions such as “What’s my [Billy’s] 2nd greatest fear? A second Holocaust or Anne Hathaway doing stand-up comedy?” The correct answer is Anne Hathaway doing stand-up.

As great as Lena is, my favorite bits of the show remain the street segments for their simplicity. In one of these segments, Billy asked people to “scream tweets” or do a weird stunt for a dollar. It sounds so basic, but it yields hilarious results. This episode also brought back an old street guest favorite, Elena, who went up against Lena in a trivia battle. Watching Elena’s oblivious attitude toward Billy and some clever editing made it easy to see why she is a favorite guest.

I can’t wait to see what other loud and insane shenanigans Billy has in store for the rest of this season. If you love timely, loud and improvised humor, check out the new season of “Billy on the Street”, airing on Fuse on Wednesdays. The third season starts this Wednesday, March 12 at 11/10c.

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