for_those_in_peril_ver2When its rainy and a little cold out, there is nothing like a depressing trip to the cinema! While most wouldn’t think this is the ideal strategy for a life of sanity, I couldn’t be happier with this exact scenario during day two of SXSW.

Fresh off a win and nominations at the BAFTA Awards, FOR THOSE IN PERIL lived up to expectation at the North American premiere. The first full length film from writer/director Paul Wright is more than encouraging for his arrival in the world of film, leaving it’s audience satisfied and surprised in the outcome.

The film follows Aaron, the lone survivor of a strange fishing accident that claimed the lives of five men including his older brother. Disliked by most that inhabit his small fishing village Aaron finds more comfort in folklore than reality, and sets out to find his dead brother beneath the dark waters that claimed him.

Pulling in and out of current reality and distorted memory, the film pulls you into Aaron’s world, jumping between a cinematic experience and handheld film, and forcing you to believe his mythology. This feeling of compassion, was grounded in George MacKay’s wonderful performance, forcing me to clinch my fists, bite my lip, and just hope the final outcome turns in Aaron’s favor. While most of the credit should go to Paul Wright’s elaborate vision it’s MacKay that creates a character that you’re forced to love.

Most independent films push their way into emotional darkness, forcing it’s viewer to lose their connection with the story and await the sense of relief when it reaches it’s final conclusion. FOR THOSE IN PERIL, walks the line perfectly and delivers on every level at it’s final outcome. It’s in these final scenes that the film lives and dies, and yes its another one of those films where you’ll exclaim to friends, “Just wait to the end!” But unlike films like TAKE SHELTER, THOSE IN PERIL will leave you tearful while completely delighted as you’re pulled from the emotional depths.

I’m a sucker for a great psychotic Drama, and at this moment I feel like I’ve found my festival favorite. I wish I could go on and on about it’s ending, but it really is something you have to see to believe. Do your best to seek out FOR THOSE IN PERIL, it just could be the most invigorating dive into depression you’ll ever achieve.

Ryan Davis



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