SXSW Music: Gary Numan

DSC_0292When is was announced that Gary Numan would be performing with Trent Reznor and the rest of Nine Inch Nails on a couple of tour stops on his 2013 tour, I made it a point to fly wherever was needed to see this at least once. That once, was in Orlando on Halloween. Hearing that Gary Numan would be performing at SXSW was mind-blowing! He was slated to play a few times while in Austin. Knowing how schedules work during SXSW (they don’t) I knew I would have to put him down for every show, in case I missed one.

Turned out, I made it to the first showing, which was held at Buffalo Billiards to a calm crowd of mostly older rockers. At first, I hung back, just watching the crowd and Gary interact with each other. After “Reptile” played, I had to get closer. The vibe was much better in the sweat of it. Everyone knew every word, and Gary was giving it his all up there. The rest of the guys up there really worked well with him too. They were mostly younger than him, but helped to really keep the energy up during the show.

Of DSC_0304course, everyone’s favorite “Cars” was played as well as well known songs like “Reptile” and “Metal” which have both been covered many times by Trent Reznor. He focused a lot of his set to songs from his new album, Songs From a Broken Mind.¬†If you didn’t know any better, one would think these songs were straight from 1993 as the energy seems to be straight from the past.

There is such a dark uncontrolled passion in his new songs that blend so seamlessly with older hits like “Metal”. The show was exceptional and really set the bar for any shows that were seen that night. Gary intends to hit some more cities with this new album and if you are one of the cities, you would be lucky to see the man perform.

by Angela Davis

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