JayZ Kanye-7888When headed to SXSW you dive head first into research for independent and unknown bands that you plan to see. This task can take months and at the end of the day can be extremely rewarding, but that’s just one side of this amazing festival. That other side is events like the one I attended tonight with JAY-Z and KANYE WEST!

After winning the lottery that “guaranteed me admittance” I couldn’t be more excited to see the duo at Austin Music Hall. The more intimate experience wouldn’t be shared by everyone that had wristband to get into the show. I was determined though, even after the venue turned hundreds of people away telling us that we would not get in I held strong, and was in the venue with more than a handful of songs left in the massive set.

The stage set up was amazing towering to the top level of the venue. Jay-Z and Kanye would emerge from the massive towers, enveloped in lasers, as they matched hit after hit from both of their expansive catalogs. Dirt Off Your Shoulder fallowed by Jesus Walks with a thousand screaming fans is something everyone needs to witness. It not only was an amazing experience, but one of those moments that you know is exclusively SXSW.

While I did feel bad wasting time standing in line for most of my night when I could have seen Glass Animals emerge at the festival, at the end of the day those hand full of songs were worth the wait. The best thing you can learn from my experience is always show up early to any SXSW event and prepare to be amazed.

By Ryan Davis

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Ryan is the Founder of Lost in Reviews, a member of The Kansas City Film Critic's Circle, and a key component in the movement to digitally restore the 1986 classic film The Gate. Ryan is also the co-host of Blu Monday a DVD and Blu Ray review show which Lost in Reviews co-founder Angela Davis also appears. While he may be a film and music snob, that doesn't mean you can't be friends. Well it could if you don't like the same bands or films he does, overall it might be best to avoid the subject all together.

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