Gaming Under $20: Unturned


 The free to play game, Unturned is made in the same light as Day-Z and has the look and feel of the ever loved Minecraft. This game is without a doubt fun to play, however some may not like it, as it definitely needs some continued work and does not offer a lot of features or experiences in gameplay that you haven’t seen before.

axymcChopersonThe gameplay looks like Minecraft, as far as modeling and textures go, however, the game is very much like the Day-Z mod for Arma II. By this, I mean to say that the game throws you into the world and doesn’t care if you win or lose or succeed in meeting your goals, it’s all about survival. Unlike Day-Z, however it’s very easy to stumble across a rifle, or find a vehicle to drive, or at least that was my experience every time I respawned. Crafting is like a cross between Minecraft and The Forest, it’s rather hard to describe, yet it feels comfortable and is easy to get used to, as this is not a new experience that you haven’t seen in games before.

So, how is the experience? Well, after about an hour of playing I realized that, at least for me, this is not a game that is fun unless you get online and join a server to play with other people. Unless you host your own locally, or pay to unlock “Gold Edition” with five bucks, there are not a lot of friendly servers for this game. The game aims to capture your attention with the F2P aspect and then will (every time you start the game) suggest that you pay for the Golden membership version that will give you better servers, double XP and increase your loot drops in game. The experience online was, well…Day-Z, that’s all I can say. It’s not very friendly and there are hackers out there just to blast away newbs to the game like myself, talk trash, and be rude. In fact, it reminded me of why I canceled my Xbox Live membership back in 2008. (I’m not a competitive player…unless that game is QUAKE) Now, like I said, the rest of the game is simply Day-Z, You – adequate supplies + Map + Zombies = A never ending problem, that can be a lot of fun to play.campnowhere

Weapons are interesting, crafting is what you’re used to, and the monsters are a bit creepy in a Minecraft way. Now, on to what I liked. First off, the concept is nice and simple: Minecraft + Survival Horror. Easy enough. Second, this game was created by a 16 year old, and that makes me happy to see that there are kids in the IT world already doing amazing work at such a very young age. I can’t imagine the Java recoding this kid had to do, and if it turns out that he recoded Minecraft into a C-based language…I’ll be very impressed. Third and finally, it was an entertaining experience for the price of nothing. Personally, I’ve played too many games similar to this for Unturned to be anything special for me, but if you liked Minecraft, and/or Day-Z, this game is worth looking into and putting on that Hard Disk. Who knows, maybe you’ll love it and throw your $5 in for the paid for version. I know I probably won’t play it often, but it got $5 from me, simply because I would love to support a young game Dev.  getting started, and trust me, he updates it all the time.

As of right now, it’s in the top 10 most played games on Steam, so that says something about it. It was entertaining and will certainly be a lot of people’s cup of tea, but if you’ve played a lot of survival games like me, it may not be yours.


Graphics/Design and Modeling – 2.5/5 (Considering the style the game aims for.)

Music and Sound – 1.5/5 (Could really improve, let’s give it time.)

Playability – 4/5 (Very similar to other games we know and love.)

Storyline N/A (What do you want? It’s a sandbox, no story needed)

 Total Experience ­– Unturned has a very optimistic outlook for the future and impressive free to play survival.

Worth It

Under $20 Up

By Austin Gragg


Austin Gragg

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