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Deponia 2

Not many people still enjoy the classic genre of Point-and-Click Adventure anymore. With very few companies still putting effort into releasing them, I try and make an effort to play as many as I can nowadays, as most look amazing, rendered in full HD, most with the support of a wired controller or just the plain old “click-on-everything-until-the-protagonist-says-something helpful. This week in “Gaming Under $20,” we are going to be talking about one of my favorite games of 2012: Deponia.

Deponia is no different, with it stunningly animated 2.5D environments (not quite completely 2D, but definitely not 3D) and quirky characters, this game really looks and feels just like the old LucasArts games in the super awesome Monkey Island series, especially Monkey Island 3:The Curse of Monkey Island. Our hero, Rufus, is very Guybrush Threepwood-esque in all forms, except he isn’t very noble at all. He just wants to save a beautiful maiden in distress, Princess Goal, whom he has fallen madly in love with at very first glance. Yes, that is her name, Goal. As if to say, the player and Rufus both share the same objective: reach our Goal at the end of the game.

Our game starts with Rufus telling everyone in town that he is finally leaving the planet. Telling his ex-girlfriend to “kiss it,” and that he has better things waiting for him in the future. Enter the rocket Rufus has hobbled together by scavenging around his trash-filled planet. Of course, we must help find the final pieces, using the old “point-and-click” on everything, add the items to your inventory, combine them into new usable items that we can use to take off. Enter the plot. The rocket is various pieces of garbage duct-taped together. This won’t end well…and it unsurprisingly doesn’t. But through the mistakes, Rufus gets to meet the beautiful Goal after witnessing her being kidnapped, he tries to impress her by saving her. And that doesn’t go well either.

deponia 3

Rufus, our “hero.”

They both crash land back on Deponia, and with the kidnappers now after both of them, the rest of the plot ensues! Rufus must try and escape his planet once again, but now with Goal. It sure isn’t the longest game, at about 8 hours to complete, but just as a warning, it ends with a cliffhanger for its second and third parts, titled Chaos on Deponia and Goodbye, Deponia respectively. If you dig Deponia, you will definitely enjoy its sequels as well. Deponia is a great way to spend an afternoon and laugh at the awesome humor and enjoy the wonderfully drawn animation of the characters, cutscenes, environments and quirky townspeople. There’s some really funny dialogue in there to hear. The voice acting, while not the best, is still totally acceptable for the character of Rufus and fits him quite well.

deponia 1

I mean… look at that! It’s so beautiful!

Like I said before, Deponia was one of my favorite games of 2012. It had me laughing and scratching my head for a day or two. There were some problems with the dialogue not completely converting from its German origin, and Rufus would speak in German if you had the subtitles on, but I thought this rare occurrence added to the games charm and made it funnier to me. It is a solid way to spend an afternoon, and a twenty dollar bill. If you want, there’s a free demo out on Steam. Check it out, I highly recommend it.


Deponia is most definitely Worth It!

Under $20 Up

Written by: Austin Fedo

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