Blu-Ray Review – The Aviators

The Aviators

Join The Aviators in this tale based on an “incredible true story.”   When life on a peaceful farm is disrupted, a brave group of carrier pigeons and their quirky mouse friend (JEFF FOXWORTHY) team up to defeat the enemy. Following their fearless, and feathered, leader (BRAD GARRETT), these unlikely heroes work together to save the lives of American soldiers. – Cinedigm

“I saw a movie.” Yep. That was about as much of a response as I can muster after seeing this almost entirely forgettable animated family film. The description for The Aviators above is also about as much as I could find online about this movie.

The Aviators is poorly done. The direction by Miguel Pujol is lazy and is all over the place. It rarely stays on any one path long enough to get you interested. It get to a point of being upsetting – until you don’t care anymore. The premise seems interesting enough, though. An animated tale of messenger pigeons during WWI could have been good. However, this is not the movie I was treated to.

The Aviators

A huge problem is the animation style. There is a heavy use of nondescript CGI for the backgrounds while the main characters are more traditionally animated. Imagine a ‘Don Bluth’ movie slapped on top of a poorly done video game, ala’ Fivel Goes Grand Theft Auto. This made The Aviators a very distracting movie to watch.

On to the special features…There were none. ‘Nuff said.

My overall thoughts on The Aviators: this is an animated feature that adults will not like and the kids will tolerate while wishing they were watching something else. The direction is confusing and the animation is shoddy and cheap. The voice work here is nothing special. Brad Garrett tries to give some life but Jeff Foxworthy is incredibly miscast.  His voice is almost unbearable throughout the movie. Add all this to the lack of any special features to go along with this Blu-Ray release, and I would have to say I cannot recommend this one for purchase. In fact, I don’t think I could even recommend this as a Redbox rental.

by Don Powers

Don Powers

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