SXSW Music: Spotify House feat. Passion Pit, Misterwives & Ryn Weaver

The line to get into the Sxsw Spotify House is a little daunting. The small green house boasts some of the hottest up and coming acts with cocktails flowing freely, making it a premier destination in the heart of SXSW. Once in, no one wants to leave.

Feet aching, throat parched and a small bead of sweat trickling down my brow, I was ready to give up on the line for Spotify like I had in years past. But determination won out and I triumphantly crossed the green house’s threshold for the first time and just in time for Ryn Weaver, the enchanting electronic rock songstress behind one of the best songs of 2014: “Octahate”. Ryn Weaver is still a bit green when it comes to performing live, but with a few more shows under her belt, she’s sure to have one of the best and most polished live shows around. Already, she’s performing with unbridled passion and emotion — even breaking out into tears while debuting a sweet track for her grandparent. So a few technical hiccups and minorly shaky vocals aside, Ryn Weaver still made an impressive SXSW debut and easily solidified her place as one of the year’s must see artists.

Ryn Weaver might have been a tough act to follow, but Misterwives was more than up to the challenge, performing an upbeat and polished set that had everyone dancing to the brass-backed pop tunes. The bubbly front woman was small in stature, but boasted a powerful and unique voice that easily filled the outdoor venue and trickled well down the street. Her excitement was contagious and even while doing push ups, Misterwives front woman did not miss a beat. This was the band whose songs you found yourself still humming days later while driving home from SXSW.Passion Pit-7888

Passion Pit closed out the week of Spotify events with a spectacular performance complimented by the sun setting. Singer Michael Angelakos was fired up and debuted a plethora of new tunes (and new band members) to the Spotify crowd. Climbing speakers and rolling on stage, it seemed like the singer might burst from his own flurry of excitement that was amazingly exceeded by a crowd that consistently was jumping and cheering along. This band and this moment highlighted a major difference from what one usually sees at SXSW shows — often, industry people don’t get as excited about the music and just chatter and nod away in the back and then at the other end of the spectrum you encounter non-industry shows that have disinterested attendees that are drunkenly ballyhooing from the back of a venue. This was different. This was pure fandom joy and it made for a perfect evening finale.

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