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A wise and crazed writer, Harlan Ellison urged us writers to do our craft with passion and purpose or don’t bother writing at all. He also, by example, taught me to make it personal to connect with the reader. And comics, well they’re like a big box of toys exploding in my face as often as I want to go there.

I am gunning for a fun and conversational column appealing to the fans and especially for those who need to know comics are not to be missed. As Hollywood mines this rich vein of inspired imagination for millions and millions; more people are drawn to the source. For many adults who have missed it since their childhood; comics have found a way to be worth $2.99 per issue. It has made of me a discriminating buyer. Going to the comic book store at 52 is still an adventure. Something really good and new can always bump something else off my acquisition list. I also don’t like to be cross-marketed into mediocre titles with sub-quality writers or artists. You want to sell “epic”, you better deliver buster.

For all my love for them I lack the energy and time to be a real collector. I do not hermetically seal them in plastic bags, catalog them and store them. If it’s worth buying, it’s worth sharing; with my kids, friends and soon-to-be friends…and that fascist bastard who made off with my first edition The Dark Knight Returns issues. I mean…geez…It’s only the series that changed the whole goddamned medium and genetically imprinted The Batman by Frank freakin’ Miller. Agrippa Von Nettelsheim, you shall rue the day!

I have read more than a few comics in nearly fifty years of reading. It is still a helluva lot of fun. Let me tell you why.

Favorite Comics: The Dark Knight Returns, Nexus, The Justice League, The Justice Society, Daredevil, Batman, Powers, Y The Last Man, The Sandman, 100 Bullets, Hit Man, Preacher, Justice, Doc  Frankenstein, The Avengers, Conan, Justice and Kingdom Come

Favorite Movies: Apocalypse Now, Amadeus, Bladerunner, Young Frankenstein, Millions, The Dark Knight, Gladiator, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Akira, Ran, Swept Away, The Seven Samurai, Tombstone, The Blues Brothers, The Life of Brian, Citizen Kane, Hellboy, 1900, The Godfather I & II, Blue Velvet, Ink, Ed Wood, Glory and Excalibur (The last being my favorite)

Favorite Video Games: Burnout III

Favorite TV Shows: Justified, Dead Like Me, The Venture Brothers, The Brave and the Bold, Batman, the animated series, The Justice League, The Daily Show, Ugly Americans, Being Human, 60 Minutes, No Reservations and News. (And I like FoxNews because I like to laugh at their chubby thighs and simple-minded yet bumbling endearing manner at what they perceive as journalism)

Favorite Concerts: Peter Gabriel, Memorial Hall (1982)
Bruce Springsteen and the East Street Band, Kemper Arena (1981)
Santana,  Memorial Hall (1980)
Patti Smith, Lied Center, Lawrence (2005)
Bob Dylan, Uptown Theater, (2001)
Jethro Tull, The Midland (2005)

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